I have this question about Lazarus' Revivifier


Okay so, say for instance your Trapper is running ahead, he/she is on the monster’s tail like a bat outta hell or whatever phrase is fitting. The monster decides that, “no, I’m gonna down you and then run away” well crap. Atleast I still havent used my dome yet, we can catch him real quick and get him in!
Cue Lazarus
Lazarus comes in, uses his revivifier, and voila, you’re up, no strikes, the hunt can continue, lets dome this meatbag.
Except you can’t. Because when Lazarus revived you with his revivifier, your dome is now on CD after you got up, DESPITE you using it.
Now my question is, cause I really don’t know since this happens to me everytime

Does getting revived by the Lazarus Device put dome on CD, and -is- it intended?


If you die, and Lazarus revives you, yes. All class abilities go on CD if you’re brought back from death.

Not if you’re incapped though.


Huh. I didn’t know that. I can’t really remember whether I died or not since it was a couple days back and I was super mad because everyone always makes me play trapper :c but I guess that answers that. If I do manage to have the problem where I actually get my cooldown reset when I was incapped, I’ll come back and let ya know :b


Question answered; Topic closed. :smile: