I Have the solution to the DLC haters


So i don’t know if the devs thought about this but they should make the dlc such as the behemoth available like the other monsters by experience and unlocking it but you can buy it to gain instant access this would make dlc helpful but at the same time optional for those you lack money or despise the thought of dlc. This should provide no good reason for the haters to be mad about dlc and it could also increase the amount of people that play the game. Please tell me what you think in the comment section below. #4V1


Ewwwww! Sorry, but I avoid micro transactions like the plague. That is what companies do when they really want to screw with you… save 100 hours of in game time by buying… wanna recharge your power instantly just… I dont know, this idea just really scares me!


You can play against any DLC that you don’t have for free.

As for Hunters, you can create a custom game, choose three Hunter AI to play as new DLC characters and then in game hop to them to ‘try them out’.

There is no way to hop into a DLC Monster this way. However, if you don’t own the DLC Monster you CAN, in theory, hop into the AI of someone who did choose the monster and left. Though that is really unlikely.

I also STRONGLY disagree with the ability to get the DLC for playing the game. If you are worried about finances, wait for Steam sales.


While I like the idea it’s not really realistic, because more people would just wait/grind to unlock and the developers still need to get paid in order to release and work on more new content. I would instead suggest a trial period where everyone could test drive the DLC for a limited amount of time like 24 hours or something, and then they can decide if they want it or not. And from what @MaddCow mentioned above, you can already kinda test drive DLC hunters anyway. The dev team has already made it so that the community doesn’t get fractured by who buys and who doesn’t and we can all still play with each other.


Well, it was mentioned in a specific thread how much worktime and cash to create just one monster. I think the solution is to dont give a fuck. Buying DLCs is optional, and noone forced to buy them.

If the haters want free stuff, go outside, enjoy the sun, the wind, the fresh air…its free.


Its not like that you can play the whole game but if you want you can get extra DLC to speed up your leveling precess instead of just being forced to buy it if you want it


This is not an Ipad/mobile freemium game though. The market is almost painting a picture of Evolve as this and it isn’t. Also, suggesting to buy early rather than unlock over time just fits more into the freemium aspect and would only hurt Evolve more. I’ve always considered those kinds of games marketing towards elitists and/or folks with a lot of disposable income.


or rotate like a daily free to play, and about my idea being unrealistic it does happen in real life take league of legends for example you can grind you can pay money to insta unlock someone or get a cool skin but you don’t have to


yeah, I just hate that idea, nothing personal! :slight_smile:


ya thats fine it was just a thought


And by the actual way, i wanna share my father’s othen used quote:

“Look son, nothing is free, if its “free” for you, it only means someone else pays the price…”

So nah…thx.


haha i agree i am not a hater i just don’t like people beating down a good game and i had an idea that might work but that doesn’t really mater just personal thoughts


Such wisdom! I am going to add it to my quote book!

I like this one
“A society that strives to enforce equality is inherently unequal…”


I’ve got such a huge txt file with TONS of quotes :slight_smile: I’m a quote collector.


Haha thanks :blush: Yours not bad either :slight_smile: I love quotes <3


You should pm me some! I too love quotes and sayings!

“Make those happy who are near you, and those far will come”


I agree with what he said but just because you don’t buy it someone else will buy and pay for it and it wont cost you so yes it does cost someone but it prolly wont be the devs


but if people are getting DLC for free, then that means 2k is paying the cost in their profits… its trickle down economy


Should create a thread 'bout it right? :smiley:

Maybe we can create our own Evolve-related quotes :smiley:

Sounds fun to me :stuck_out_tongue:


While not a profound one, I enjoy this one.

If you don’t agree with someone walk a mile in their shoes. Then if you still disagree, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.