I have the Cosmic skins and the Behemoth Jade skin in my pick, but where did I got them from?


Are they free skins or did they come with the PC Monster Race Edition? I don’t remember reading anywhere in the description that I would get such skins.


They come from the PCMR.


So when they mean

and Four Monster Skins.

they mean four separate packs and not for monsters magma Goliath, Kraken, Wraith and Beyhemoth?


The magma skins were part of the season pass, that was included with the PCMR edition. So you get both magma and cosmic/jade for free with that version of the game.


Yay just found out I got jade skin for behemoth, didn’t have it yesterday.


Why didn’t they make a Cosmic Behemoth? : (


Like really…


because felicia.


Looks like they’re keeping the skins separate in theme and context between behemoth and the others… which makes sense since Behemoth is definitely a different kind of monster.


I think it’s more about marketing honestly - they kinda have to sell the packs with the 3 original Monsters and Behemoth skins separately, so they developed them differently conceptually as well. Jade Behemoth could have been placed with the Bog skins pretty much. I wanna see Cosmic/Savage (Obsidian & Ruby?)/Gold Behemoth.

You know, I completely forgot about that post, but now that I see it… Does the person on that blog work for TRS? Or did they borrow the concept?


I noticed I got all these as well. Very nice surprise. Anyone have any idea how to get the Sandstone skin for the Behemoth?


That blog is mine, I run it.