I have stockholm syndrome what should I do?


For a game that causes me so much emotional pain, I don’t understand why I keep playing it day after day, after day. It’s like I have stockholm syndrome and I am beginning to worry of what might happen to me if I stay in this unhealthy relationship.

I’m sure there are more productive and emotionally healthier things to do or games to play. Any suggestions.

Basically me and Evolve.


Putz around in Dragon’s Prophet,

Watch the entirety of Markiplier’s video library,

Reminisce about that one time in Venice,



Just play another game for awhile. Witcher 3 will be here before long.


I haven’t even finished the first and second one I got, maybe I should get back to that first. But I can’t afford the third one any time soon. Got the first one realmcheap though was barely a dollar.


On the 19th all aboard the hype train :wink:


I never played any game in the series, but the hype is huge I need to get the game.


Play League of legends?
VERY healthy O.o…


How is it causing you emotional pain? Do you still enjoy it?