I have Monster as my main role and never get to play as one


This is ridiculous, I never had this problem in the beta. It takes me about 20 games to get monster and even then I get thrown into the middle of a game where I didn’t get to choose what monster I wanted to use. Am I the only one experiencing this problem? I might as well have my role set to random if I can’t choose what class I want to play as.


Stay in one lobby, each time you’re not monster, your chances to be increase.


could be bad luck but I would suggest staying in the room after each match. you increase your chance at getting your prefered role and if other people leave then it will start matching in others that prefer the other roles.


I suffer the same struggle


I shouldn’t have to wait an entire game just to hope I get the monster though. The matchmaking system seems flawed. It shouldnt take 10 games in a row to get to be monster. Never had this problem in the beta.