I Have Monster as #1 Choice, Only Get It 1/5 of The Time


Most of the games I get tossed into its are hunter, while the game is in progress. What gives?


Set it to 5th, you will get better results. Im seriously.


the game prioritizes games in progress so thats where you are. and games are only started if theres at LEAST one monster player. . . . that means the monster slot is taken up so you get put as a hunter. but more then likely the person that is monster doesnt want to be so if you stick around youll get it the next round


They really need to fix matchmaking.


Stick it out and you get the monster next round. Always works for me.


it actually works very well. theres nothing wrong with this system to me


Off topic, a bit, maybe, but I think I played against you earlier.

On topic: the matchmaking has its faults, but it probably saves a lot of server stress, with less matches to keep track off.

Besides, is it really that hard to stick it through one match??


Yep set monster to 5th choice. I have it as such and i am always monster if i join a random game.

Gone so far that i never play unless i have friends to play with anymore.


xbox one? fought against a behemoth with gamertag statelesskiller? it was yesterday?


Yes to the One, yes to the Behemoth, but it was definitely an hour or two ago.

I know multiple iterations of the same screen name exist, but that coincidence has to be relatively small.

Though I am saddened it wasn’t somebody on these forums :frowning:


i did fight a hunter group a few hours ago. lets see ther was a bucket. and a markov. we where on refueling tower. at thelast few moment of thebattle i kept luring you into the relay room and blasting you with fissure and lava bomb @erekwashere15