I have lost around 5 ranked games today because i got stuck in the evolve cocoon, THIS HAS TO STOP


if hackers werent bad enough, this should get fixed alredy, im so fucking sick of losing ranked games because i get stuck mid evolution.


When that happens click esc and ask for reset of round :^) I m sure nice hunters will be extra nice and do the nice thing.



Out of curiosity, did you play all your matches as Wraith and did you happen to send a decoy before evolving?

If so, let me know if it is similar to this bug here:


Did you try right click ?


No i mainly play Goliath


in ranked people are not winning to do that, they see a free win and they get it.


It’s not a wraith issue.


Hi @Gadrak,

Thank you for making us aware of this.
Can you please send me a video of this happening?
This would really help us understand what is causing this issue.


i dont have anything right now, i can use my elgato capture card for my next session when this happens again ill send it to you.


@Gadrak That would be great! Thank you! :blush:


Did something like this happened to you?


Happened to me on MG during hunt. Hunters were nice to restart the match. Respect to them. Can upload a vid if needed.
Yeah this is not wraith issue. I also had a game as gorgon where it kept tweaking while evolving. Good thing I paused the evolve after that twerking and tried to evolve again with no issue. Don’t think I recorded that match as gorgon though


How can you even play Ranked? Cant find games there. lol