I have done it... Wink 2.0 is finally here!




An actual WINKING icon, custom crafted by yours truly, that doesn’t look like you got punched in the face like this one -> :wink:

I implore you, powers that be, grant us freedom from that most miserable of emoticons on this splendorous of forums. Replace it with the one I have provided and grant us rest from the eternal torment of this expression-less graphical emote of an inside joke / suggestively affectionate greeting.



But I prefer the mischievous half smile to the big, showing-teeth smile.


Um, the only difference I see is teeth, did I get punched that hard??


How DARE you speak against the splendor of Wink 2.0!

I now implore someone to SMOTE @omni! Go ahead… he’s ready to be smoted. Oh, @omni, when someone with smote-enabled capabilities reads this thread, you’re in for such a smoting! Just you wait! … Said aforementioned smoting will be of biblical calibers… if… such… smote…

Where’s a good smoter when you need one?


Powers that be! If you the smoting abilities I’ve previously indicated, please find it within your heart to add @VonHenry to the smote list, for he hath slandered the goodness that is Wink 2.0.

So it was, is, and ever shall be. Ashes to ashes, smote to smote.


I already created Wink 3.0, but you can’t see it.


You dare mock me? Oh… oh! Oh ho ho! Your smoting shall be so complete and thorough that naught but your dandruff shall be left! Only thorugh the application of a smoting + Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff shampoo will you be unequivocally smoten!

…smoten… that doesn’t sound right. Smoted? Smotified? Smotinated? Hold on, I’ll get back to ya…


I like that the :frowning: frowning face looks like Doc from Back to the Future.


Et moo, @MaddCow?

YOUR smoting will be so substantial, even 1.21 gigawatts won’t be enough to save you! (Great SCOTT!)


Wink 4.0 incoming.


You can’t smite what is grounded. And I’m mostly ground beef!


covers ears and hums

I can’t hear you, la la la la. You’re already been smoted.

Or… maybe… I have a special gift… “I can see smote people!” :neutral_face:


@MaddCow, your smotation will be so finite, that when people eat burgers made of your carcass, they’re gonna say “Wow! How do you get that great, smoty flavor in the beef?”


In Wink 5.0, you can actually see the smote carcass of @AegisKleais still smoking slightly.


I think I’m smitten by the smell of smote beast!


I’ve never liked emotes. I’m probably a hipster or something, but ;D suits me just fine. And so does D: ! And I don’t like the fact that I can’t disable emotes in my posts ;~;

Wait. Can I?


No smiting! Only smoting! The likes of which will be so devastating on your braised carcass, that it will actually revert the MaddCow disease coarsing through your smoted veins, and instead, cyclically turn you into Market Select USDA Choice beef fit for consumption only by royalty.

And you’ll be postumously knighted, going from ‘MaddCow’ to ‘Sir Loin’. But only British people will get the joke. THAT IS YOUR SMOTED FUTURE!


MaddCow likes!


ahem You rang?



Yes, get off yer duff and do yer name…er…job. Smote these fools! They dare insult the greatness of Wink 2.0 I mean honestly, what am I paying you for here, you 2-minute ago-registered account name, you.