I have caught the zombie plegg :(

Hi all,

I’m sick with what I believe is the flu. But you probably can all guess what it really is…

At any rate, to quote Hyde, I’m flattened. My symptoms are strong enough where I don’t feel I can play Evolve competently. Ergo I’m bored…

What can I do while I’m sick like this? Any suggestions to help entertain myself while I recover (or turn into a zombie, whichever comes first)?

Watch (or read) Warm Bodies. Then, when you inevitably turn, you may be able to remember what mercy feels like (take the women and children first, but don’t eat me!)


is that why i didnt see you online yesterday? I was playing with @Riokan and my friend Waveblade. was hoping to get 4 guys on. xD

An infested tumor on your spine?

Just out of reach?

Hidden from you?

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lol. only thing i thought of


My tablet has been a godsend during my sick period. Praise Jobs for a great game selection on the iPad App Store.

I’ve played a few iPad games but if anyone has any recommendations that don’t require COD level reflexes and too much brainpower I’d be open to them…