I have but one problem with Laz


It’s not that he’s OP.

It’s that his whole concept makes the game less fun for me.

I’m the type of monster that likes to harass my hunters and I rarely ever go to stage 3, since I enjoy the skirmishing and ambush fights at stage 2 so much. That being said, Laz makes those types of fights completely ineffective. His revive not applying strikes makes the hit-and-run tactics useless, and pretty much forces Laz to be the primary target (or anyone else, but using them as bait to get Laz).

Just having him in the match forces my strategy to be completely different than the one I want to play, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it, since it’s his core identity that I have a problem with.

Anyone else feel the same way?


I get that feeling against Griffin, in a fight he can really force your target priority to change in a heartbeat, but I like how different hunters affect how you should fight. Lazarus is pretty fun to see as Wraith because now I have to aim abduction a lot better when stealing people from their teams (rather than just aim for anybody but the big one with the red name).


Yes, I feel exactly the same way. Hit and run harassment tactics are out the window, and the game becomes dull as you’re forced to completely avoid combat because there’s very little upside to engaging the hunters – you won’t earn strikes on their HP bar.

Fear of Laz is what makes me pick Wraith so I can easily evade the hunters and evolve to stage 3, where I can wreck Laz. Also, deploying a decoy doesn’t prevent you from munching a corpse, which is another reason to play Wraith.


I find hit and run against Laz to be the easiest teams to hit and run. It’s so much easier to lower everyone’s health through several very small skirmishes (use an ability, do a couple of melee swings, then run before trapper shows up). Doing this, repeatedly, you can really drain a lot of health pools and then go in for one really big fight while everybody’s at half health. Laz’s usefulness goes way down when 2 of his teammates go down at the same time. Also, I find body camping incredibly easy. Down someone, go do some fighting, then vortex/leapsmash/warp blast where the corpse is/was and you’ll more than likely hit a cloaked Laz and take away his cloak or it’ll be really low by then.


If you manage to take Laz down in one of these fights, know that it could become a full wipe.

@Brandini makes some good points on Laz’s weaknesses that can be exploited.


I prefer to do my abductions from outside range of seeing names :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah, in the teamfight, it’s not a problem. I know how to win against one, it’s just requires a strategy that I don’t find as fun. As for lowering everyone’s health, I found that his class heal is plenty for topping your team off between going for armor. I can see the benefit in doing so by forcing the whole team to stay together to get those heals, thereby allowing you to run away more efficiently since they can’t split the party for at least another 20-30 seconds.


See, it’s not a fear of Laz, it’s just an annoyance. I have absolutely no problem going balls deep on the team as level 2, but you know it’s either going to be a wipe, or you are going to have to pull out at a severe disadvantage.


Yeah, I don’t usually see their names come to think of it, just outlines :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty good at telling the hunters apart. Still, if it’s a max range abduction you probably have time to kill the guy then abduct them even further away to eat 'em up.


That could be a lot of the trouble that people have with Laz, not separating him from the team effectively. I play Laz every chance I get and I have never been abducted. Sticking to a safe distance and not being very noticeable makes it easy for me to be extremely annoying.


I find laz the easiest medic to go against. Unlike an actual medic laz can’t heal the team without putting himself in danger. But you’re right hit and run tactics definitely don’t work unless you get a down on laz that’s usually what I do. It’s really easy just foucus laz and camp bodies. I’d prefer facing laz over any other medic.


That’s kind of the point of the game is to be different each time you play it and have to have different strategies and tactics.


I try to get strikes on laz early game so I can identify him easily later.


Eh, I do like shifting strategies, but for one character to almost completely nullify a strategy is annoying. Not OP, again, but annoying.


I agree. I actually do find that winning against a Laz is easier than the other medics, but that doesn’t make it not annoying :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? You want a character to change because it forces you to change the way you play? I know, how about everyone just make a list of what would make the game more accommodating for YOU and then submit it so YOU can have more fun playing the game. Jaysus, cry me a river.


Hey, I also never said that I want him to change. The problem lies with his core identity, so it’s never going to change, and I’m fine with that. I just came here to find out if anyone else felt the same way I did.

I know it’s the internet, and you can be a douche canoe without any reprisal, but I’m going to ask anyways. Could you turn down the hostility? The rest of the discussion and opinions here have been done with civility.


No, I can’t because I’m tired of people whining about how the game isn’t catered specifically to them. You are here literally complaining about how Laz forces you to adapt, and how that must be negative. In a game called EVOLVE you’re complaining about ADAPTING to a situation.


That’s good, a monster having to change tactics because of a certain hunter. You could do solo with your own group of hunters to go against if that bothers you. When I Laz I just let the body die since it still has a good 60 secs of it still being there so camping the body is risky for the monster if it’s trying to eat it when you and your team is still shooting at it, then revive it when the monster surely leaves it. Tip: Don’t dash for the revive as Laz be patient, sorry for that Monster players.


Totally agree my brother