I have a theory about the 'eggs'


So I’ve been thinking about this for a bit and I’ve finally come up with an idea. With the eggs, I don’t think that they are actually the eggs, I think that they are something like cocoons that the smaller monstes can develope in and grow. I’m thinking that the monsters lay smaller eggs and when they hatch they build the pods to develope further in. I also have an idea to better the nest mode. I was thinking that they could put you on a timer that you have to keep and eye on and when the timer runs out the mini monsters are fully developed and are ready to come out, but they are smaller and don’t have any abilities, so they are relatively easy to fight. If you are the monster, you can watch the timer to see when you can hatch the pods and you have to keep the hunters away from the pods.


Hmmm… I think Kala said something about the “eggs” actually being transport pods.


The best hypothesis regarding the eggs (and the one I assume is closest to @Matthew’s mysterious lore) I have read belonged to @Takran, who connected Kala’s dialogue regarding the eggs to the much larger mystery surrounding the Monsters’ inception. The thread reads a bit like a primer on Quantum Physics and Biochemistry 101, and it takes some time and some brain power, but it’s an extremely worthwhile read and I 100% guarantee you will geek out for hours after.

In short, they serve as 3D rifts between our dimension and the Monsters’ dimension. They poke through, presenting as a three-dimensional, tactile rift that appears to us as an egg due to our limitations on comprehending fourth-dimensional figures. That’s why when it’s broken, no fetal monster spills out; the egg is filled only with ectoplasmic goo.

Check it out! The Science of Monsters - A Theory on Origin and Intent [Updated after Matthew's second story livestream]


What he said.

We know from drop ship conversations with caira that the eggs are actually empty with nothing but goop in them RIGHT until they hatch- then poof. Fully formed minion pops right out.


Additionally, you do know that Monsters can “hatch” the “eggs” right?


Its a good theory if you only have the basic knowledge that monsters come out of eggs.

And if you ignore the in game dialogue.

And ignore other several threads about this via the search bar.