I have a sub teacher, listening to party rock, and reading Evolve Forums


What better…? Oh as soon as I said that I hear… wait for it… Everyday I’m shufflin. What am I doing with my life…


I have no idea what this thread is :slight_smile:


I’m not sure either. CONFUSION!!!


Wait… you got a substitute teacher to join the forums? You are a genius…


uh. wow. XD I never realized I worded the title so it could be interpreted that way.


Yeah i also thought you mean ur teacher is reading evolve forums.

But now i think i understand you mean: Hey guys i have a sub teacher.Also right now i’m listening to party rock while reading the forums.

^Is that correct?


that’s correct!


Sorry to be “that” guy but this ain’t a personal blog ^^


So… at least it’s off topic xP


Haha I thought your sub teacher was listening to party rock and reading evolve forums

Then I was hoping he would see this



I’m in class right now too. I’m listening to my teacher blahblahblah


Was it an English substitute teacher? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sitting at work, got nothing to do :frowning:


Story of my life. :cry:


Fixed to fit my current situation…


No, Machine Tech (yes this is high school lol). but the sub isn’t certified for the machines so he can’t supervise us. We actually have two rooms, one’s like a normal classroom, and the other’s the machine room. We just stay in the classroom.


So the sub is a pleb? Got it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll just sit here.
On the forum.
Waiting for my teacher to let me make my final game for class.
Nothing to do. :wink:


Off topic sorry but, your profile picture is brilliant :smile: