I have a question about the game


is it possible to extract somehow the 3D models of the characters from the game ?


Not possible, however we have someone on the forums working on models I think. And I’m pretty sure a wraith model has been released a while now


Thanks , i just wanted to know. sad voice


Oh, it’s possible. People have done it before. They just pinky swore not to tell.


Who are these sacred folk of which you speak


I’m not allowed to say, scout’s honor.


Well if somehow we extract the models can we use them for creating new skins ?


I mean, sure, people have done it. The only issue is that there’s no modding for the game.


-Spookwagen: Ho shit, not you TheSpyCrab


There’s people that were able to use the models to then implement them in another games like Gmod, @precise_sculptor for example, but sadly we never heard any news from his work since monthes.