I have a question about Evolve Hunter's Quest


So I’ve been playing this app a lot recently (just trying to pass time before Evolve releases next week), and I’m still confused about what the “Mastery Points” do for your hunters in-game. I read all the FAQ’s and stuff about it - I was just wondering if someone could use an example to explain it. Do the upgrades you unlock using the points in the app immediately apply to your character? Or do you still have to unlock them by playing the game? Thanks!


They apply immediately to your characters in the full Evolve game but they only apply a total of 50% mastery to each star you unlock in the app, so you won’t already have T2 and T3 unlocked for those characters, but you will be 50% of your way there! Does that help?


As I understand it you’ll get 50% progression towards the level for the mastery points that you spend.


I believe you use them in the app as currency to unlock 50% mastery of a characters stars porgress.
Click the home button, click mastery, select a hunter and then rchoose the ability


Ah I get it! So It just makes leveling specific weapons/gadgets about twice as fast! thanks for your help