I have a question about DI and DR perk


I am curious about why DI perk is 10% dmg increase whereas DR perk remained 15% dmg reduction. Shouldn’t they both be 10% to balance each other out?

@MacMan I am actually interested to know why that is.


I’m glad it remained there. It’s the only perk I use on my monster (Goliath).


I would like to know as well, it seems odd


I wonder if it remained 15% because otherwise it wouldn’t be a viable perk. But DI being at 10% and DR being at 15% does not look right in terms of balance.


It’s so that they don’t negate eachother. Having the 10% damage increase was changed to have less burst damage for monsters and the devs felt that DR should stay the same. The reason why they shouldn’t be equal, imo, is that higher damage wins games. Taking less damage slows losing. So if they were both equal and negated damage increase would always be warranted but not damage resist as that only helps you live slightly longer. Having DR at 15% makes it more attractive.


IMO I don’t think it’s a good idea to have perks that counter each other. If one perk is countered by another more people aren’t going to use that perk. Having dmg at 10% is a relatively small margin of damage increase to where if DR was at 10% it would be fine IMO.

(What I think the real problem with that whole issue was the fact that Kraken has 10% dmg increase in all his masteries. Kind of makes it unfair to other monsters :frowning: )


But they aren’t countering eachother. DR is a stronger pick against DI. The reason being is that doing damage is something in your control. Taking damage is up to your opponent(s). Therefore the stronger side should be go to the area in which you have less control. For instance, 1 Hunter shoots a monster for 60 seconds straight without taking any damage. If they took DI, they did 10% more damage. If they didn’t take damage, they effectively have no perk. DR needs to be stronger otherwise most won’t consider it as it only helps when being attacked, and being attacked is all about burst. So having a higher burst negate is more important.


But Kraken is the burster. Kraken punishes aggressive teams. If a team plays defensively Kraken tends to have a very hard time winning. Kraken is one of the easier monsters to start the ‘domino’ effect so I feel that it needs something to help initiate that first domino fall. That being said, I wouldn’t mind banshee mines having faster arm time now that it was changed. However, originally, Banshee mines were instant and so damage increase was likely the best use case for mastery.


I think hunters are getting to the point where dodging monster attacks aren’t that hard of a thing to do making DR that much stronger. Idk, I respectively disagree but I see your points.


IMO I think it should be

Lightning = 10% dmg

Banshee = 10% movement speed when locked on target

Aftershock = 10% radius

Vortex = 10% travel range


Heh, now I’m thinking of Starfox with the homing system. That could be interesting if you hold down the button and it will lock onto players.

The problem with this is that you never really worry about the last few feet for Vortex. Having it travel further won’t change much of anything. It’s already relatively easy to dodge from far away. With the changes to Vortex have 10% greater knockback would be nicer imo.


I actually think the 10% more knock back would be a bit better. That indeed would be nicer :smiley: .


With the changes to Kraken’s abilities, knockback magnitude and arming time for banshee mines masteries could get updated in the future :slight_smile:


Skipping everything

I think because monsters already got 10% from the masteries


Goliath would like to have a word with you. Also having 5% less damage on Goliath was a hugeeee nerf. Ever since that path it became significantly harder to win with him in competitive


If my math is how the math behind the game works, they don’t even out right now.

If both sides have dmg increase/reduction it would work like:

1.10 * 0.85 = .0.935

Which means the monster would effectively deal 93.5% damage, instead of 85%. However… I don’t know if they calculate it as simple as that or if there’s more behind it.


It’s cos Damage Increase affects hits even when you hit multiple players so it balances since DR only reduces individual damage.


I don’t think it should be balanced around that nor do I think it is xD. Most good hunters single themselves away from their team mates to avoid that.


Thanks good to know.


I play monster for an hour or two a day. Clumpiness in hunter teams should be avoided yes; all but perfect teams still get multi hit the odd time, fella.