I have a bird (Clickbait, kinda)


I now have a Twitter (Get it? Birds) because it seems EVERYONE has one and I want to be a cool kid and not wait till it becomes uncool. Like Facebook

Anyways here’s a link if you want to follow me, don’t know why you would but sure! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never nor will I ever have a twitter.


Why’s that? No use for it or the hackers?


Do you have a Facebook?


Twitter is dumb! I only have one for contest entries or contacting Discord


Is there something bad I don’t know about Twitter?


Follow me @demonhunter124p


You are now being followed :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill follow you back when im able to!


Idk it just feels pointless to me.


No there’s nothing wrong with twitter, I love it a lot. Lots of funny stuff on there to :smiley:


Guess there just happens to be some people who don’t care for it, which I completely understand. I won’t force it upon them :slight_smile:


lol I can totally follow you on Twitter.

Ya wont like my Twitter though lol


Yeahbut will I


I dont draw THAT much porn, >=[


Hey man long time no see :smiley:


I never said that! O.o


Yeah. Use it to get a hold of friends around the world.


Ahh ok. Pretty much the same thing, just less room to type. :slight_smile:


I don’t like the character limit, mostly. I also hate the hashtag thing. Lol