I Have 4 Extra Xbox One codes to give away


First come first serve. Not Sure if they all work since they came in one email but worth a try if you havent gotten one yet.


Please could you help me out, my pre order code, hasn’t come would be VERY greatful :smiley:


I haven’t received mine yet, despite having a single-use code. If you supply me with one of yours, I will donate back to the community if my code ends up coming in at a later date.


Hi KnightFlier, I’d love to get one of those codes! I am also on Xbox One and haven’t yet received a code :\


Hey man, I would be really greatfull if I could have a code if there is one spare, I didn’t get in :frowning:


Ive given away all the codes and im sorry to the people that private messaged me, I didnt see them till after i had given away all the codes already.