I have 1 Free Battlefield V code. But there's a catch [expired]


Hey, it’s me again. I’ve got something for this community that is, I think, still “hot” :wink: So, like in the title, I have a code for Battlefield V that I’m going to give away for free. But there is a catch. It’s not “just” a BFV code. It’s a code that you have to redeem with nVidia:

Where did I get this code? I bought a graphics card that came with 2 codes, 1 for Anthem ( I redeemed it for myself) and the other code is for Battlefield V. I already have BFV in my library, so I’ve decided to give it away. I was thinking of selling it but it’s to big of a hustle because some people won’t understand or follow the instructions and I don’t want to deal with nonsense like that, especially when money is involved.

So… back to the issue.
This code can ONLY be activated using the newest nVidia graphics cards RTX 2060, 2070, 2080 or 2080 Ti. There has to be a connection made between GeForce Experience (If you have nVidia GPU, most likely you are using it) and the EA Origin (BFV is only available in Origin).

There is a good side to it. You can play BFV on ANY SUPPORTED GPU, either from AMD or older nVidia cards BUT activation HAS TO be made with one of the RTX cards physically installed.
If you made it this far, I think you know where this is going. But before I proceed on my plan, there is



So… if you want that BFV and you don’t have RTX card, I would need to login to your EA Origin and GeForce Experience accounts. That would require me knowing your login and pass for both accounts. That goes against the first golden rule of the Internet. Never share your credentials. With nobody. No matter how sweet the deal is.

I’ve come up with few ideas on how to go about this.

First: You have one of the RTX cards; Sweet, I’ll give you the code through PM, all you have to do is post here and chose this option.

Second: You don’t have RTX card. I can redeem the code for you but you would have to provide me with your login and pass for both GF Experience and EA Origin. ===>> Golden rule of the Internet.

Third: It’s actually very similar to 2nd, but you create dummy accounts for GF Experience and EA Origin (both are free) and provide mi those and I activate it. But that means that in order to play BFV you would need to log in to this account anytime you want to play.

Few final words. I think this promotion is for North America ONLY. Don’t quote me on that though. I’m not sure. The code will expire on March 25th, 2019. First come, first serve. If this post won’t get any traction in a week or so, I’ll post the code in here as a separate message. You can ask why won’t I do it now but the answer is very simple. There are bots scouring the Internet for things like that, and I would rather give the game to somebody in this community that I have a fond memory off rather than somebody who would try to sell it. But the nature of this “deal” makes it look suspicious, to say the least. Check my history of posting to see that I did do similar things before, but never like that. It’s just that the nature of this promotion doesn’t leave a lot of room to maneuver. I’m open for suggestions so please post in here.


If anyone wants it i don’t think there will be a problem by them changing their Origin password to something else so you can log in and then after that, change the password again. Shouldn’t be a problem at all.


Well, you know… when I read stuff like that, I always think of those emails from a Nigerian prince that just needs a few $ to be able to send me the millions…
but on the flip side, there is that:


I was gonna put a picture in here with the code, but trying to type it in would be horrendous. So here we are, good luck to whoever gets to use it. I only ask to post in here that it was used.

Code: xY12xbTIv6LHuprnF2KLcuPh


Greetings from my GTX570


I have activated the game!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Another happy customer :wink:
and thanks for posting

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