I hate those people who avoid loses to W/L (not leaving)

I really hate those guys who just avoid loses to their W/L ratio before through leaving now on a different way (not gonna say how eventhough most already know i guess)

People like redacted for redacted for example :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and our beloved redacted but he dosent seem to know how it works otherwise he wouldnt have dropped from his over 1500 W/L xD

You probably shouldn’t call out names of people and their teams.

Just saying.

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Naming and shaming is not allowed here.


is it against forum rules? i mean as long as its true?

Naming isn’t allowed. I also know redacted and it’s really not cool naming him or his team.

Correct. Public naming and shaming is not allowed on these boards.


Did it myself, sorry I’m stupid xD

Also note, if people leave a game in progress they do get a loss on their record.

i am sorry if its against forum rules and fine with the topic being deletect i am however not sorry for calling people out for what they do in generall they decide what they do sowhy shouldnt people being called out? In most games i hate not being allowed to call out cheaters for example.

yes if they leave however you can avoid getting loses or to be more precise the game being recorddedd for leaderbords by other ways then pressing leave just saying

Back on topic, whenever I play pubs, which is pretty much only in premades now, we face a lot of monster that just leave when they get close to losing, which is I think pretty stupid. But that’s just how some players are. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it ^^

I personally find amusement when people ragequit against me and my team.

Had one guy the other day who was just about to lose his third consecutive match to us and quit just before we could get the finishing blow in. Sent him a message thanking him because I needed some salt for my chips.

i want chips too!!!

I believe if you turn off your console/pc before you lose you avoid the loss. Seems like too much work to me to avoid one loss, but I’m sure some do it.

Was that really necessary? Seems like bad sportsmanship from both of you.


Hey, if he didn’t want another potential loss on his record after having already lost to us twice then he should have quit before the third game started and not when he was about to lose. The way I see it the taunt is very much deserved at that point.

how should this be possible… when your game crashes you will get a loss even when you would have won this.

yeah, the other day I played a Kraken, who just ran the whole time, and whenever we got close, hed turn around and vortex us, then run again. It was very annoying, he even did that while in the dome. Dragged the game out to about 25 minutes just doing that. Next game, my buddy got on, who is an amazing trapper if I do say so myself :smile: he came in, got the same kraken in a dome at stage 1, about 2 minutes in, and the dude ragequit just because we got him in a stage 1 dome. its sad to see players like that, but there are those types of people out there.

That’s odd… When I get a crash I don’t get a loss. If I did I’d have a lot and be really pissed.

@Nasha842 it’s still bad sportsmanship. You won 3 times and he lost 3 times. That’s enough to show your team was better. If he was angry and felt the need to quit to keep from losing his cool , your message didn’t help. If this guy is like a friend of mine… He may have thrown his console/pc out the window. Gaming can be stressful to some.

well then i don’t know how you don’t get a loss… i know for sure that you can get a loss when game crashes… so maybe different crashes or something, dont know about this.