I Hate This Wall So Much


Some other wall points worth investigating - Refueling Tower has a wall on the waterfall near the junkyard/caves area. It’s the big pool with the Tyrant, climbing into the cave. The water obscures vision of the ledge into the cave so it’s very common to suddenly find yourself in an unclimbable tailspin - which drops you straight down into the Tyrants jaws, of course.

On the other end of the spectrum, The Distillery has ledges on the sides of the buildings that I’ve noticed the very top tier hunters using/potentially abusing. They’re thin enough that the monster can’t walk on them, so the hunter can stand in the middle of the wall and it becomes very difficult to knock him off even with a dead on rock throw. Wasn’t a game ender for me but I thought it seemed fishy.

That cheese does sound obnoxious but I would agree that walls are trollish to new players right now even in the best case. Is there an alternate solution, like changing it so that the walls are friendlier but you lose your climb if you turn your back to them?


Orbital Drill has several unclimbable walls.


Let’s try to get more specifics in here if we can. Like Strategio mentioned if we can do screenshots with a map up and the offending “falling point” indicated maybe we can get these knocked out faster. :smile:


How late was this addressed? This could explain the palpable difference in wall climbing between some of the alphas.


I don’t know for sure, but it could have been addressed between the alpha and beta.


right around where the crosshairs are, maybe just above. climbing this side of this building is kinda messy all over though.
(first area of defend, can’t remember the map name though…)


Nothing gets me killed more than walls that don’t let me climb them when I want to and I should but they don’t :c


As far as one of my testers can confirm, the area in the screen shot appear to be working out alright. If you could provide a video of the issue you are seeing that would be helpful.


will do when i get a chance


This one i definitely couldn’t climb after several attempts. that last one i’ll admit i was wrong about though. :stuck_out_tongue: