I Hate This Wall So Much


Can we please do something about how impossibly frustrating this wall and some of those around it are?
Climbing up it as a hunter is very frequently obscenely frustrating.

Also just making wall climbing less frustrating would be awesome. You seem to need at least a tiny bit of jetpack to start a climb and sometimes if you get stuck somewhere it just lets you slide back down without letting you catch yourself and go back up. It really sucks when you get 3/4 of the way up a wall and it doesn’t feel like letting you climb any more and you stall out and slide back toward that nomad/dune beetle/mega mouth/monster you were trying to get away from.

It just feels inconsistent and would make quality of life while playing much nicer if it were tweaked/fixed.

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There is also this wall that won’t let you finish the climb, so you would just fall back down. Orbital Drill.


Yeah there are a few of these spots. I frequently have issues with suddenly starting to descend again when halfway through a jetpackless wall climb :frowning:


Extra frustrating when there’s a Goliath chomping at your arse below.


I hope they’re still looking into these. I don’t have them memorized and I’ve run into them at very inopportune times.


I get annoyed by walls all the time, the low fuel climbing mechanic is terrible.


I hate wall climbing in general. x.x Neutral boosting up is faster and more consistent but you have to have fuel for it which doesn’t help when you’re out of fuel and can’t climb.
I really just want to be able to press shift to wall climb instead of it being the jetpack button.


The jet pack sometimes just makes me want to tear my hair out.


I just hate walls in general, they bullied me in my youth.


I just had a thought of someone taking a screenie of a fiery wall pointblank that they couldn’t climb to post here. Point blank and fiery due to the goliath on their tail x-P I have an odd train of thought >.<

This has happened on occasion with the unfortunate instance of an elite about to chomp my backside. My wife is saying ‘whats going on’ because I’m yelling ‘omg don’t fall don’t fall’


oh god the second one!! i hate that damn wall.


I rarely have a problem, just take the 30% climbing speed perk :wink:


About time someone made a thread about how glitchy wall climbing is, especially without fuel. I’ve lost count of how many times I desperately tried to climb and the wall was like “no, not happening, I totally hate your face”.


yah good idea just take the jetypacks out ENTIRELY…why not …whine enough it will happen like everything else …hell make life easier for us monsters soo why not, start whining iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…

GO …


Yeah thats what I want screw the jetpecks! I don’t even need them you are correct sir. I really am just to good they make the game unfair for the monster when I am in the game.


Wait who said anything about removing jetpacks? :scream:


It was just a joke I was being sarcastic don’t worry. :wink:


We’ll look into these. If there are surfaces that cannot be climbed at all but look like they should, we’ll probably fix it.

@Andrew You’re always gonna need a little bit of jet pack to start give you enough thrust to begin the climb, but after that you can essentially have an empty jet pack to continue to climb it. If you are falling back down because the wall has some weird surface issue that left a break in your climb, you can get a screenshot of the wall, mark the spot with MS paint, Have the map up so we can see the location, and submit it to the bug thread for us to look into. It may have some break in between that is essentially disengaging from the wall you are climb, and since you’re out of jetpack, it’d would cause you to fall.

Before we would ignore breaks in between a climb. I would exploit it as Val, climbing a wall, spinning 180 to snipe/tranq the monster, which would let me fall a little, but spin back to continue climbing the wall to climb it again. On top of that I would engage and disengage my jetpack to stay on the middle of a wall like on the fusion plant so it was hard for the monster to get to me. It was very cheezy so we addressed those issues.


Thanks for replying!

I’ll definitely start to keep track of them and get screens when I can and I’ll try to get my friends to do the same. :smile:

Oh, and I get needing a tiny bit of jetpack to initiate a climb, I think most of the frustration comes from falling back down and not having any and having to sit there hopping like an idiot waiting for that sliver to regen. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, wall climbing in general is incredibly frustrating. Some scenarios that drive me nuts:

-I’m the trapper and on the monster’s ass, I climb to the top of a wall only to drop all the way back down for some reason and now the monster is out of sight and/or I’m way behind my team.

-I’ve just gotten a speed boost from or as Caira. I climb to the top of a wall only to drop all the way back down for some reason and now the speed boost is gone.

-I’m in a dome with a monster and am trying to escape while the monster is on my ass. I climb to the top of a wall only to drop all the way back down for some reason and am now in the monster’s jaws and need a revive.

Nothing beats climbing to the top of the wall and sliding back down two to three times. I just want to give up at that point as whatever I was trying to do is over with now.