I hate people that say need nerfs


I have encounterd so many people that say o please nerf kraken or wraith or what ever i just cant take it if you get butcherd there is a reason for instance when fighting a kraken you win or lose depending on your skill and the skill of your team if you work together and listen to people who have been playing the game for a while you,ll win if you dont co-operate you,ll lose for sure if the monster knows what he,s doing and i just dont think some of these nerfs are nessesairy if people just work together this really drives me insane i have been in so many games were people split up without a plan and get owned 1 by 1 comment if you agree or disagree i wont judge


Ok and just because Kraken is comptetive 80% picked, makes him Tier 1 and overpowered. Or maybe just the other 3 to weak. But Kraken will be for ever Toptier, just because he can fly. And that will make him always a little OP. And if that not stops, we will only see 4 Hunters against Kraken. And in my opinion, Kraken is so boring to watch. We need more Goliaths, we need more Behemoth love.


Kraken is the only viable Monster at the moment, because he eliminates the things that make other Monsters weak- kiting cheese, over the top CC, insane burst damage and ridiculous defence.

He’s a little OP, in my opinion, because he can bodycamp from miles away at little risk to himself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok thats true but i can deal with body campers as laz its all about skill it always has been and always will but i can see your remorse for kaken


Not Laz, I mean regular revives. Yes, Kraken’s a HARD counter to Laz but it can be overcome with adaption, but without Laz, nope. You’re not reviving anyone.


I admit without laz youre doomed to die alone unless the kraken sucks but there is no fixing that unless you completely remake the kraken


Actually taking Lazarus, especially against Kraken, is dooming yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: But to fix that would be pretty simple- just remove the interruption and stun of the ranged melee.


Nah. If I remember correctly, Kraken were doing worse than Goliath some time back. That’s before they fixed some issues he had of course. I’m sure TRS will nerf him (or buff hunters to better deal with him), until his win ratio is closer to 50%


That’s including pub games in which terribad Monsters weigh down the averages of good ones.

Look at ESL rankings. Kraken is the only pick, essentially, and he mops the floor with the few Goliaths there are.


That would break even more not getting stunned would break the game


Ranged melee only. If Kraken wishes to interrupt a revive, he should have to risk his bacon like the others.

That, or let other Monsters deny revives from miles off. I’m fine with either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh but I do agree that he’s too powerful at the moment. All I’m essentially saying is that Kraken weren’t always this powerful and I’m sure TRS will balance him.


I wanna just say this this topic is about all things nerf related and not just kraken just saying😃


Well then I think Torvald and kiting cheese need major fixes. Sunny to a far, far lesser extent.