I hate most of the evolve community now


Because pretty much every one is saying nerf monster and I only can say to them OPEN YOUR EYES you are gonna drive this game into the ground because you got wraith unplayable and at this rate Goliath kraken and even behemoth will be unplayable unless the devs don’t mindlessly nerf every monster and you monster haters can go walk into a tyrant and when no one plays monster this game is done and I don’t want that to happen


http://steamcharts.com/app/273350 don´t worry. there are almost no people to complain any more :slight_smile:


I’m on Xbox 1


oh… i don´t care for consoles. I always think that a game dev can do whatever he want´s on console and people are happy.


Great your one of them


one of whom?


Monster haters


I play 90% Monster… that is, if i would actually get monster. But the bad matchmaking (for which i blame consoles) doesn´t let me most of the time.
Maybe when monsters are unplayable, i will get my #1 choice consistently. So win-win for me i guess lol.


I’m kinda mortified at the lack of people on PC, but at the same time I don’t see as many people whining, unless you check the steam forums.
At the same time there’s this huge discussion going on with monsters becoming way too weak, and I agree, at this moment in time the game is very hunter favoured, and this is coming from a hunter-exclusive player. It’s kinda way too easy to take a stage-two/three down, unless the monster is more skilled than your team, but even so, feels kinda braindead in the early game.
Once you’re on that Monster, you’re on him for the entirity of the game.

If there’s one thing I don’t really like, it’s the fact that ever since the tier 4s came out, Evolve’s meta became rush-meta, there’s no steady pace anymore, it’s all super fast, and I rarely get any games capping out at the timer.


If the devs don’t stop giving the nerf hammer so mindlessly you will get your wish


Thats not meta when its the only viable strategy.

Anyway, thats because the devs seem to don´t really know themselves where they want to go with the game and its mechanics… introducing wild things left and right, then buffing and nerfing more or less randomly around the place.

The lack of failsafes against slippery slope or comback mechanics are disturbing.
Yes, when the hunters catch a monster they will stick to it almost 90% of the time. a monster has no option to outrun some comps and will just lose a bad stage 1 engage.

better close that thread, because negativiy, without name calling and other stuff you normaly scapegoat.
well at least you did not edit my post again, so maybe i should be thankfull.


So this seems like a bit of a negativity train. Closing for now.


To elaborate on closure- coming to the forums of any community and then making a thread to say you hate them is like going to a party at someone’s house to tell them you hate them.

Constructive criticism and politeness are valuable. While I agreed, to a large extent, with your message, the tone with wjich you conveyed it ruined it.