I had to post this for @Fluffington

Wait are you asking me?

Apex predator-lady thing

I ended up checking her profile to see if she changed her name from John Doe.

Lel. @Fluffington You stalker.

@TheDumbassGamer I use aliases a lot.

Remember when you told me about a forumer who hit on you. And when I thought you were a guy you said mistakes were made? MISTAKES ARE NOT ALIASES

But aliases are mistakes. Therefore, mistakes are aliases.

Also, when i said mistakes, I didn’t mean gender identification. And I have 5000 posts here, man. Can’t remember all of them.

It was avnass thread about bucket. You also ended up telling me you were on meth.

Wait 5000… GOD DAMN

No I didn’t. I’ve never used, or thought about using, drugs. i won’t voice my opinions on that to avoid offending anybody, but needless to say, I do not like the prospect.

Also, it’s more like 4.7k now. But it’ll be 5K soon.

I know this was a joke,but I’m bored and I think @Rapterror died so…

Noooo! @Rapterror Come back! We had so many lulz together.

@TheDumbassGamer Well, we all know that you can manipulate quotes, so that holds no merit.

Also I’ve made the mistake of posting under the influence of alcohol before. :blush: I only drink a tiny bit, maybe once every two months, so I’m not an alcoholic by any means, but regardless.

Thank god for screenshots then.image


I’m not on meth. I promise.

Cant deny the booze tho.

what the flippy floopy is going on in this threa-


Baby Goliath waddling in his diaper following Val around. “Wove me!”

Tranq. “No.”

@Zen Only in very small amounts.

I have returned!

HES ALIVE. 10 chars

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I should be happier but I’m busy trying to find out @MidnightMonash nationality