I had a Team 5 dream

So I had a dream about team 5 last night. (Yes, I did as well)
It started out with (in first person view) me as the trapper shooting at the 5th monster, I had either the support or medic (couldn’t tell) at my side shooting a cryo laser. I was shooting a rifle that was automatic when hip fired but semi automatic when ads. We were on Medlab and the 5th monster ambushed us by being invisible, and then killed the teamate in 1 hit. It went under the relay to eat and I then threw a grenade that kept the monster stuck on the ground.
Moral of the story, we need the trapper kit and the 5th monster will be OP.
Probably. :stuck_out_tongue:


Damnit now I wanna know more about the Trapper


The trapper himself? He had a rifle that was able to fire automatically when hip fired but then was put in single shot when you hold down sights.
His grenade was small and very shiny, and when thrown exploded and had lots of tiny shiny stuff e everywhere.
I am now going to replace the hunter idea I had and use this one because I like it so much. :slight_smile:

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I meant the real one, that’ll be in the game.
Also if your dream was based off of T5, I would imagine the Medic with a Cryo laser.

I am bookmarking this thread to see how close I get. :slight_smile:

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So you’ve learned the way of the Gobi…

I remember having a dream about tier 4 before we knew much about them other than names and short descriptions. All I remember is Sunny’s shield drone which wasnt something stationary you put down to shield but a bunch of small drons that would fly in and block a melee attack by flying into the monsters arm when it was about to hit.

Meanwhile me for tier 6.

Shoo you.
Go home

Dreaming of things that don’t even exist in your reality yet… ^.-


Lepotitsa is about as kawaii as an inside out frog that’s still barely clinging to life.

i dont what happened

I’ve had some oracle dreams of evolve before it was even in concept, I get major déjà vu sometimes.

I never had the honor of dreaming about Evolve in my sleep…

I think.

I don’t often dream. If I do, I typically forget it shortly afterwards. Would be interesting if I did though. ~shrugs~

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OMG same. Last dream I actually remember is from probably 10 years ago… :’(

I had a dream that I was playing as kraken and instead of vortexing the support I shot out a turret.

The only reason I remember this is because I was really, REALLY confused as to why I was shooting turrets out of my mouth.

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