I had a dream of the T5 Monster :(

Call me absolutely nuts, but the other night I had a dream of the T5 Monster, and thank God it wasn’t real! It was literally the monster in the teaser but it’s colors were extremely dull and a mix of brown shades all over the body.

I think I’m going crazy! We pretty much know for sure that it’s coming this month, but my brain is dying to see the beauty. TRS needs to get this bad boy out and in our hands!

@10shredder00 HELP ME OUT LOL


I had a dream where I glitched the game and saw a cinematic of tier 5 that wasnt released yet, and went crazy on the forums.


The T5 Monster fever is spreading AIRBORNE

may God have mercy on us all



Good, you’re all getting Hyped :}


Also @Azmi_Anuar colored in preexisting fan art.

#Did it perhaps look like this?


in my dream it was green for meXD

I had a dream where I put a saddle on the T5 monster and rode it into battle where it tore Caira in half on the center, Sunny then saves Caira and build a two cyborgs out the two halves of Caira.

There is a green version, its not as saturated as you might like it though.

also a purple one…

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Yeah from that dream onward i saw it light green just eating someone and looked like it was in broken hill mines

In my dream that was right on

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You disturb me.

lol :smile:

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wow it pretty much did, without the funky bright spots though

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Yeah, funky bright spots are funky :stuck_out_tongue:


Funky :sunglasses: Fresh

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I hope she was eating Caira.


That’s what I do.

There’s a version without armor, I recommend you guys go check it out on it’s thread. I made a few versions and showed how the process went.

It has a lot of spiders in the thread though, so be careful if you’re an arachnophobe.

Disco Miley?

Quick, put sunglasses on her many eyes and disco spotting on the bright spots!



Just please got don’t let her twerk on anything

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Oh I already did that with the wraith…

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That’s fine Wraith doesn’t have spines and pus sacs back there

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