I had a dream about a Gorgon adaptation


…and it was freaking sick. I played as a red and white, much sleeker Gorgon that didn’t have the large, overgrown abdomen, but was completely top heavy with a caterpillar like mouth that dripped acidic saliva. It literally dragged it’s head around.

I didn’t notice any differences in Acid and Web, however I did in Mimic and Spider Trap. For now, let’s call them Lure and Grub Trap. These weren’t names in my dream, I just came up with them rn. The dream is already slipping from me (I just woke up) so I’m working fast here.

Grub Trap was like a fat, pink glowing spider trap with finger-like protrusions at the end of it’s abdomen. I could place it on walls and ceilings. When hunters walked in a rather large radius of it, it screamed and suck out the nearest. It would then latch onto them and explode, dealing a hefty amount of damage to them and slightly damaging the those around.

Lure was SICK, and was entirely different from Mimic. A little UI menu came up when I first clicked it, and it showed several different elite wildlife. I chose the elite Mammoth Bird (of course) and it’s body shapeshifted. The white parts formed the mammoth birds deceased corpse, while the reddish parts formed a faint pink shadow that was kind of difficult to see but was still noticeable. Griffin walked up to it, attempting to get the buff, but then I right-triggered (melee’d) and the corpse/shadow immediately shapeshifted into me and pounced him. I did this twice more in the match, and learned that pressing the ability button again allowed me to change what wildlife I was. A larger wildlife made my white body (aka the "wildlife) larger and my pinkish body (aka the shadow) larger. It made me a larger target, but took away the noticeability. A smaller creature like a spotter made my white body small but my pinkish body large. This made me easier to notice, but harder to hit if I wanted to escape. I could cancel it out by prematurely clicking melee. I also learned that when the white “creature” body got damaged, it uprooted and revealed itself, kind of like how you break a mimic by attacking it’s regular body.

I also played as a future Cabot adaptation against a much more fleshy Behemoth adaptation with a single horn like a rhino. I can’t remember exactly what it is they did, but I do know Cabot was throwing around dust-tag grenades and the Behemoth was spitting singular directional Lava Bombs, kind of like EK’s Banshee Missile. No idea what any of these did.

Anyways, that’s my dream. Just thought it was pretty sick. My dream Gorgon adaptation grossed me out even more than the current one. It was like she was larval or something, really fleshy and gooey and grub-like.

Edit: Fixed grammatical/spelling mistakes I made in a rush.


Sounds like something from a horror game. I like it.

But I don’t think anything will top Abe’s dream of his Kraken variation.

I’m still waiting on that…