I Had A Dream About 9.0


I literally just had a dream about a patch dropping when I didn’t expect it. Went to a concert, had fun, came home, passed out, woke up, went to play Evolve, and…

T6 had been released (dream-me only saw the assault and the medic. Assault had abilities based on the monsters, and had CC in the form of punching so hard the Monster was momentarily stunned. Support was essentially a fat Dr. Doom with wizard powers). A new game mode, Hunters v Hunters, had been added. There was now an RNG counter, where the game would tell you how likely your next RNG act was to happen (the only real RNG I can think of right now is birds, but I specifically remember it was supposed to look at more than that). Like, it would say "75% chance for birds on next feed’ in the corner.

I think those are the big things. Dream-me acted like real-me would and literally got off because he didn’t wanna play without reading the patch notes and knowing what was different.

Anyways, the point is, #FatDrDoomHype




If that guy had Dr. Doom’s mask. (Game is Tera)


I had a dream about a new gamemode where every 45 secs the hunters and monster change. Wasn’t a ranked gamemode either. Seems fun tho lets you adapt quickly in a game and change your strats.


TRS, can we have this?


I had a dream I lost to a gold monster and lost 80 points lol


That’s me every game of hunt. Gotta love them Laz Fanboys and bronze skilled.



You mean a nightmare.



Was Wraith still being cloaked with Decoy? Was it affected by Supernova? Was it’s AI improved?