I guess Monsters are OP...?


So I was playing Evac (as a monster) on the Xbox One with a couple of randoms. Now I consoder myself fairly good as a Monster, havent lost an Online game yet, and I guess I understand the strengths and weaknesses of each monster. So, as mandotary in all Evac campaigns, the first game was a Hunt. Now I had no idea what I was going up againest, so I chose to play as Wraith. This way I could gather information as to how well my opponents play as a team and exploit any weakness easily through the Wraiths abilities and deception. Needless to say, I wiped the floor with them. After the game, 2 particular Hunters claimed that the Wraith was OP and that I was a coward for using it. My responce was that they just had no Idea how to function as a team and didnt know how to Hunt a Wraith. They laughed and said I was a coward yet again, so I decided to play as a Goliath for the upcoming Rescue Game. Not only did they wipe the floor with them yet again, I did it as a Stage 1. So after the game they proceeded to call ALL monsters OP and left.

God I hope, no I PRAY that not all Hunters are extreme whiners in our community, cause its certainly starting to seem that way :disappointed: All of this Nerf this and Nerf that, well if TRS nerfed everything everyone complained about, the Hunters would have a 100% win chance and us Monster players would only get to have fun playing with our now worthy advisory, the Obsidian Beetle. So I hope the guys in TRS arent taking these people seriously :frowning:


There is chance that what you say is 100% valid. But your excuse of the age-old and incorrect belief that “learn to play” is a valid response to their initial complaint is just as invalid as their belief that all monsters are OP.

Hunters will be at more disadvantage in this game than the Monster, simply because if they are a random assortment of persons, not an actual team that can communicate and coordinate, then on top of that they might be playing classes (due to randomizing) that they are not best at, plus they are 4 minds trying to act as 1 unit vs. the Monster being 1 person per unit, which is easier, plus since neither side knows what character the other side is going to play, you cannot counter or bring the best person for the job, and then the game world itself is catered where wildlife is significantly more dangerous to hunters than monsters, and weather is even more detrimental to hunters, and point of view (forced first person) is harder and less perceptive than monster’s 3rd person.

You couple this altogether along with random skill levels, and you’ll find a lot of people do find being Hunter is more difficult than monster, but to each their own experiences and opinions.


Wraith is a problem, but if they can’t fight stage one Goliath, they have bigger problems.


Im not saying that these particular hunters need to learn to play, and if I wrote it so thats what it sounds like Im saying that, I apologize. These Hunters were definately formidiable opponents and they were definately playing together as a Party, not a bunch of randoms matched together. Im just tired of hearing that all Monsters are OP, because they most certainly are not. Do I agree that a but of matched randoms are going to do a lot worse against a decent monster? Of course, thats is just common sense. Do I agree that a monster is significantly more powerful than a team of hunters? Yes and no, it really depends on the skill of the opposing team. My arguement is more directed at the idea that if a particular person loses a game, that they feel that instead of it being there own fault, they blame the game, and since I really havent seen any threads about Hunters being OP or anything of that nature, the community is taking it out on the monsters.


I’ve played in a five man group, where we have pretty good coordination no matter which four are on the hunters, but the real difference maker is that two of us are pretty good monsters. I love playing monster, Goliath in particular, but there’s a problem when I feel like I’m having to work harder for my wins because I main a Goliath monster instead of a Wraith.

Not all the monsters are OP, not in the slightest, but they probably went on tilt after you played Wraith(Who needs some sort of change, even if it is just readability for the hunters).


In about a week or two we are going to see a lot more better hunter teams. All the solo player hunters are going to give up and find a new game or go back to CoD. All of the OP whiners are going to quit because they dont want to play a game they think is broken. And we are going to left with good players that communicate and know how to win. They will all get match up together more frequently and learn from each other and get better. I actually believe we will be seeing a lot more people asking for monsters to be buffed soon.



I specifically avoid playing as Wraith, because I don’t like my opponents thinking I won because my character was OP. I sometimes rotate all 3 creatures, with the Wraith always being third. More often than not, everyone leaves after my third victory.


This idea of Monster being OP also comes for the fact that entire Planet is against Hunters.From past 2 days until few minutes after i quit the game played only Caira. Now, maybe the problem of players who play Hunters is the fact that they want to unlock all characters from all Classes and not stick with their best. Now, I’m a pro player and I don’t want to act like I’m one, but I only do Caira and that’s it. Today i reached 350 rank. I think in order to be better at hunter you need to play as much as you can a class and stick with a character and from the looks of it, i think you can do it because i’m playing Caira for 2 days in a row. No need to play in every match a different class. I think the more you level up and your rank, you will be co op with other players who also plays their best character and the chance of wining against Monster is higher.

So, monsters are not really OP, just The whole game let’s say it not in favor for Hunters, but with a good team who fight as one, or at least to fight as two. But i think in the nearest future we will see some tweak here and there balance some stuff in the game.

I read often about the speed of the monster and the chase that spread @ 30 minutes or so. Well, a monster at that size, it’s hard to believe that he’s slower then mans. Even here on Earth an animal like Elephant, rhino, hippopotamus can outrun a man and I think also those Monster on their natural habitat on Shear can outrun Hunters.


The way the game is designed automatically starts the monster off with an advantage.

One mind is easier to control than four and they can traverse the map at a much faster pace.

This is the reason there are stages for the monster, which I believe is what needs to be addressed.

As we all know (or at least most of us), the stages go like this - hunters are stronger than a stage 1 monster, hunters are equal to a stage 2 monster (supposedly), and finally, hunters are weaker than a stage 3 monster.

This is why teamwork is so important throughout the entire game. If you can find and at least wound the monster in stage 1, it makes the following stages much easier to deal with. If you allow the monster to reach stage 2 or 3, it makes the game very difficult to win as hunters, because then teamwork becomes more and more important and required. This is hard to do in random groups.

What I am getting at is, I feel like the evolutionary stages are such an important aspect for both sides of the coin, that they actually need to be reworked. It’s incredibly important for the monster to evolve to stand a chance, but at the same time, once he does evolve, it stars becoming lopsided in the monsters favor.

I think because of the fact the game scale is constantly changing and tipping in each teams’ favor throughout the course of a game (and it’s so important), that the scale should take LONGER to do so. Basically, I think evolving is too fast of a process, especially depending on which talents and perks you take from the start.

As Goliath, I can reach stage 3 in no time flat. All I have to do is take 3 in Fire Breath and the faster eating perk and the hunters don’t stand a chance. Before they know it, I am stage 3 with a full shield and suddenly they have to become the world’s best tag team in order to stand a chance against me. This usually doesn’t happen, or at least hasn’t happened yet, so I simply turn them to mops and wipe the floor with them.

If the evolution process took longer, it’d make for more exciting games in my honest opinion. Stages should feel important (which they do, but not as much as they could) and rewarding, so in turn, it should take some work to reach them.

The hunt should feel thrilling and important (which it does, but it can get boring sometimes and make you feel useless, especially if you have a bad trapper), but it hardly feels that way when the monster can evolve in 3 minutes flat, even with you hot on his/her trail.

TL:DR - Make the evolution process take a bit longer, giving both teams a proper chance to take advantage of their OP moments. Stage 1 monsters really should fear the hunter teams, but that’s not even the case, because stage 1 only lasts for 3 seconds. Hunters should really be putting all their efforts into finding and stopping the monster early on, but that doesn’t feel like the case, because the monster evolves too quickly, leaving the hunters feeling useless unless they are equipped with pro trappers and the right maps.

This is just my two cents, sorry for the long post. This is what I truly feel would make the game better.


That is entertaining.

I play as the Wraith because it is an option. Random anonymous person insulting my ability? Bothers me close to nil. I will play her until they need her into unplayability because of perceived complaints. I enjoy the sneak attack, glass cannons.

Even though the Kraken is the “caster” which I tend to gravitate to I can’t get into him as much as I did the Wraith.


If you ever see me online (xbox1) feel free to pick wraith. I love fighting them haha.


Everything is OP to hear people talk…


Yeah it they’re losing to a Stage 1 Goliath it’s their own fault. Generally any good times I have as a Stage 1 Goliath, they just dodge me until their teammates respawn, and then I would just give up if my hp was too low. I did find out you actually get a surprising amount of HP back through evolving though, so I stopped giving up if I was at low hp.
Wraith a lot of people complain about, but them complaining about a Stage 1 Goliath just means they’re really bad.


Yeah you’re right about Stage 1 monsters should have to fear the player team. At this point any non-moronic Wraith can easily reach Stage 2 or even 3 without even encountering the hunters.
I haven’t fought enough Krakens to have real input on them.
Goliath is the easiest to catch at Stage 1 but his abilities and armor are good enough that a good one can hold off in a dome. You don’t want to be caught at Stage 1 but it’s not the end of you if you’re decent.

I think Stage 1 does need to be a bit more of a tense period for the monster.

Maybe instead of the bigger head start in Hunt they should just spawn the monster farther away like in Nest and Rescue?


Saying the monsters are OP is wrong. They are beatable. But it is the Monsters game to lose. The only time the hunters have the advantage is stage 1. Its tough to kill a monster b4 it at least reaches stage 2. Unless hes trying to sneak and you can dome him a couple times at S1. A 1 min dome isnt enough time to consistently kill a monster the first time. We recently fought a dude that absolutely wiped the floor with us 4 games straight. He was hands down the best monster i’ve ever seen. The damage output was insane. I would of NEVER thought a monster could be so dominate. I still cant understand how he did this. And no kidding we are a good team. Over the past month we’ve won 10 to 20 games a night while lising 2 or 3. We split wins with players ranked in the top Teens, and single digits (not boosters either) but this dude was insane good as monster. It totally changed my perspective on the game. Its the monsters win to lose. One mind and one set of controls vs 4 minds, controls struggling against wildlife and wholly depending on each hunter being alive. If theres a situation where the tippy-top players face off the monster will always win the majority of games. (Sorry for spelling) Oh BTW if you think your team can beat this guy he plays on PS4 and his name is something like iX_BA_NINJA_Xi Try to find him and tell me im wrong about the dudes skillz.