I graduated today!


So I just graduated from high school as a Valedictorian in the top 12% of students and I think the Evolve (and fallout) community will enjoy how I decorated my cap…

(oh man I look angry, don’t worry I’m ugly not angry :sweat_smile:)

We actually weren’t supposed to decorate our caps, but hey, I think I earned it. I just wish I could have done something more intricate than just pins.


Valedictorian?! Congratulations, that is awesome and definitely something to be proud of!


Congratulations my friend! Good on you to boot. Hopefully college is in your future, because without it, its guna get a whole lot harder to adult. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, depends in the career. Also college makes adult life horrible as well, debt lurking behind you always.


Definentaly! I’m going to UC Santa Cruz in September for Computer Game Design, (I’m hoping to work at TRS after I graduate :wink: )


That would be so dope!!! Never give up on your dreams young padawan, and one day, you too can develop a game to entertain the masses! Just dont forget your randomly supportive forum friend that you just met today B0bZomb1e!!

@BearStream that is true. But without a college degree OR a trade school degree in something useful, its a fuckin bitch to find a decent job worthy of a career without knowing somebody to get you a foot in the door.


Well I am making my own game soon, but first I need to get good at art and music, so for now I am writing a book giving a backstory to one of the protagonists, maybe I will hit you up for a pre-release read. :wink: thanks for the support!


Great Job! We’re all proud of you ! You made it man I bet you feel awesome!


That’s so awesome!! Congrats!! :smiley:


A little bit, the class of 2016 is really mean, so most of my friends are lower class-men but heading off to college feels great, even though everybody who’s in college is like “don’t go! it’s a trap!” I’m really excited regardless.


Nah it’s awesome don’t listen to them. College can be the best and worst experience, it’s now all your choice :wink: . You meet so many cool people


I was class of 2001. :older_man:


perfect emoji :ok_hand:


Making a game is hard. Heck, finding team members is one of the hardest parts. :stuck_out_tongue:


I graduated number 3 in my class of 200+ but they wouldn’t let me give a speech because they knew it wouldn’t be taken seriously and would be inappropriate… Well they weren’t wrong.


Congratulations! And Valedictorian?! Another awesome achievement!

I LOVE your cap and tassel!


that’s why I have to get good at art and music XD I can already program, i have to be totally self reliant for this project, but that will help me with finding a job in the gaming industry afterwards. (hopefully with TRS, it’s been my dream for over about a year now!)


Thank you! ^o^ I didn’t think so many people would enjoy the post!


dang #3 XD I think I was like 50 something


That’s how awesome this community is :slight_smile: