I gotta be honest, i bought the carnivore skin and


im hiding in bushes!!! when inside a dome with maggie, or with griffin and abe!!! XD while using wraith, now that i got a darker skin, they cant see me lol im invisible inside bushes, gotta admit that skin is amazing

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But Cosmic is bubblegum candy.



i didnt mention you!!! cause you spam the gobi shit!!! :rage:


i prefer pink bubblegum :smiling_imp:


Gobi sees it all.
All hail Gobi.


Why would you buy the Carnivore skin when you could have bought the Wendigo skin! :frowning:

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Gobi is love,
Gobi is life.
Gobi is the beginning,
Gobi is the end.

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makes it look like a mermaid to me >.> i want a monster dammit


I like bog skins :slight_smile:


I bought the Bog Skins, and I don’t even play monster much. ^.-
Played like 100 games of monster after 2.0 or whatever.


Bog is good camo against other players. But AI? Lol bish plzzz
Did we win voodoo I didn’t look at the thread


Don’t think we did? Not sure.


My XO live expired so I couldn’t help :confused:


At least I play PC, don’t have to pay for that stuff.


Why not both :smiley:

I like the Carnivore skin for the darker acid maps (ex. Barracks) and the Wendigo skin for darker desert maps (ex. Dam).


Consoles are just easier to deal with. I’d like a PC but I’ve got other priorities right now