I got the trifecta of bugs to get my first loss as kraken today


Bug 1: got put midway into a defend match when I was playing skirmish.
Bug 2: I got the weird bug where you spawn as not the monster and as some strider or colonist with 1 health.
Bug 3: I left the match because … yeah and it gave me my first loss on the leaderboards which you shouldn’t get if you join a game midway.

I am on xbox one.

Comment your worst combo of bugs you have experienced in this game.

Edit: I have been informed that my third “bug” isn’t actually a bug. Leaving a game you join into in the middle still counts as a loss. I guess I should have just sat there and waited the entire game and let the computer fight.


Spawning in as a Goliath with a sliver of health at Stage 3, timer running down. I had the bug which stops you from using your abilities AND the bug which takes away all your traversals. So the only thing I could do was melee and eat.

I bumrushed the generator and downed Caira and Hank before Torvald and Griffin finished me off.


I am not even mad anymore when bugs happen. It has gotten to the point where it is just funny that these things are still happening as frequent as they do.


I take it as an extra challenge. Insurmountable odds and unfair circumstances? Sure, why not.


Some of the bugs are too humorous to be mad at.


I turned it into a drinking game

Everytime bug happens I take a drink, I’m usually drunk in like 15 mins


According to a dev, if you stay in a game you joined in progress you won’t get the loss, but if you leave you will


When I join a pre-made as monster, I leave anyways. Monster is my 5th priority most of the time. I don’t enjoy being forced to do something, had enough of that. ^.-


I’ve been lucky the worst that’s happens to me is the Hunters landing on my face from the dropship before the Monster eating animation is over, followed by a complete game freeze seconds after I got domed.
Good thing really because I only had one bar of health left because of the first glitch.


Devs confirmed that you get a loss if you leave the game, even if you joined it in progress. however, you do not get a loss (but still get a death) if you play it through and lose.


hmmm thats kind of dumb. I literally couldn’t do anything. the wildlife wouldn’t kill me. I guess its not a trifecta then. Thanks for the information.


Like the dancing hunters in the dropship


edit: actually nm, maybe it’s better I don’t post the video of the kraken leap.


That’s quite unfortunate and douche-baggish of the devs. You shouldn’t be forced to take over a bot to begin with. Most bots are from people leaving and its due to a buggy game or a bad start. Forcing me into their situation is horrid and forcing me to use a bot that was empty to start is even dummer.

When a match is found, if its part way in, then it should provide a pop-up of statistics on the match as it is currently - ‘currently’ meaning when potential player was offered the pop-up, not a constant changing of stats - this way the player looking for a match could either choose to enter the game or pass on it.

That aside, sucks you got stuck with a triple combo let down :frowning: