I got stuck as behemoth on defend map


I was playing defend, daylight long canyon one, as behemoth. I got stuck near the gate to the final gen, next to the turret behind the generator. I couldn’t get unstuck and attempted to restart vote 2 times, none of the players were interested in that though after seeing me stuck. I took a death which normally wouldn’t matter because I die plenty but I was on a roll as the behemoth and would like my death removed from my stats since its the first and I was full health with two gens destroyed when I got stuck.

Edit: xbox tag icewing726


Does turtle rock respond to these reports?


Sometimes they do. I dunno if they have someone check all of them though.

When I was playing Defend against an AI Behemoth he got stuck in one of those pod plants by the 2nd generator of Colonial Water & Power, near the trailers, against the wall between the canyon entrance & the tunnel to the final area.


I’m afraid that you won’t get the loss removed from your account.
You could try getting stuck again and recording it (or taking a screenshot) and send that to 2K support as a bug report in order to get it fixed.


I had a similar thing happen to me, got 1st loss with Wraith due to a bug on 30/1. I was told they can not change stats no matter what.


They need to fix the voting BS, 4 hunters will always vote in their favor.