I got reset and only have one perk now?


I used to be level 33 but after being reset only have 200% jump height. I don’t think were suppose to “start out” with that are we? Heres a screenshot


its a bad bug they are working on a patch


also lost my savage skin xD


Exact same thing happened to me I had every character and Cabot had all 3 stars, then it closed and I have only the 200% jump height and I can’t get xp for any of the characters , I was level 28 and honestly don’t want to play it anymore because I played it with friends and I’m not down to waste any more or my time on a broken game ,they need to make it up to us somehow because this is ridiculous by the way this is on the Xbox one. Gamer tag is EyeTouchMiceElf , thanks for taking the time to read this !