I got only one question for the dev's regarding Founder status


3000 Silver Keys - how much is this?

You giving this to the people who pre-ordered game with full price. Who played it when it had terrible matchmaking and tons of bugs. Who still intend to play after game was sold at discounts and eventually became f2p. So how much exacly do you offer this players in return? Yes, it’s good that they keep all unlocked stuff, but what if they bought only game, but with a full price? Will 3000 keys be enough to unlock at least 50% of the locked content - such as characters, perks, maybe even few skins?

Because i think that people who backed you right from the start and still with you deserving to have as little progression as possible. Griding isn’t fun. I got that it’s price for being f2p player, but in ideal Founders should either not grind at all, or keep griding to the minimal.

So, how much exacly did you value them?


Enough to buy one perk

EDIT: Watch this to help yourself out


My question would be

“Why are we getting silver keys instead of DNA?”


Terrible. Simply terrible. Well, good to know that Founders are worth one perk. Thanks for the answer.


I know I felt a little upset at first to but then again how many keys do you get after each match?


Racking up keys isn’t too hard. The founders bonus just gives you a nice boost to kick things off!


Does it matter? Founders will have to grind just as new, free players will. No respect for the elders here…


May be part of having an even playerbase (perkwise) to begin with fresh. Can you imagine all of us having all perks etc and new guys nothing. It would be double unfair. I don’t disagree though that 3.000 keys are a bit stingy.
Let’s keep it positive though we have bigger news here than some keys more :wink:


Founders get 24 perks unlocked (12 monster, 12 hunter), dozens of the weapon skins, and any skins and characters they had prior to Stage 2. They’ll get even more benefits in the future.

So basically, there’s a lot founders won’t have to unlock at all at launch. :stuck_out_tongue:


For reference, while it isn’t a huge ammount of keys, you can get enough for several skins and perks with below average play time in a few days. The system looks a little intimidating at first, but it is super well designed with the playerbase in mind. It racks up FAST.


Only problem that we don’t need half of that stuff. Would be more fair if they don’t give any monsters or hunters, but instead game amount of keys enough to buy that amount of content. So, for example, people that do not need assaults at all would be able to spend their money on different characters. But instead dev’s just giving them starting characters that they might even never use…

Even ability to sell character for half of a price would be nice then.


Not true, those who played the game wont have to grind for the characters they already had before. So you can use your keys for perks and skins instead.


You get 4 hunters and 1 monster to play for free in rotation every week. You like a certain hunter? Then with the keys you earn through matches you can buy it and you will keep that character.


Yes, so as the free players can. My question is - what seperates people who backed up and funded the game from people who just came to play for free? Bunch of hunters and monsters they might not even need at all?


Founders - Get a large amount of cool stuff

New - Get nothing


People who owned the game before get exclusive skins, badges, backgrounds and more in the future, that and the fact that they will have immediate access to all characters.

F2P people will have to play with what they get and spend their silver keys on characters/monsters they desire to play.




I wish they could chose what stuff exacly they get… because for now they can get a lot of useles stuff that they do not like.


You want to know the biggest thing you can actually get for now as a founder?
Roll on the hunters with Bob
New guys can’t use bob unsless they bought it


But it’s free! So if they don’t like it then there is no waste in it