I got called a hacker. Should I be worried?



Im not a hacker first off, but someone just called me one and said he was going to report. Beyond that, the title says it all.
Of course, my first thought should be “I didnt do anything wrong, I shouldnt worry,” but, the issue is, even if I am not banned, I may be put on a watch list. Then, if someone else makes a similar report of me hacking (which I did not, and will not) I worry I may be banned or otherwise punished for something I did not do.

So, Devs, Mods, anybody who would know what to tell me, please respond because I would rather not lose my ability to play this wonderful and magnificent game.


If they report you they need proof. I think you’ll be fine.


I wouldn’t worry. I’ve been accused of hacking before. I just say “nope”, and they move on. They would need to prove that you were actually hacking anyway.

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Getting called a hacker when you don’t hack is the best feeling ever.


Because then you KNOW you wrecked.

I'm cheating? :)


Everytime I get a reply from you


You win…

this time.


Goodness, Im gonna need to step up my meme game


You think this is a game? This is a lifestyle.







U w0t cheatin sk0m?U le h3cker1n this awe3esom3 gaym3?H0000W d@r3 u m8888.

1vs1 me I r3kt u





I’ve been called a hacker for evolving in 1:20 on weather control. That was however, my fastest evolve ever, with most evolves taking between 1:30-1:40


I see people evolving before I drop from first dropship.
Did something change? Spawnrate on wildlife?


In that case they are most likely cheating. Only way they could do that is if they went near spawn, killed 2-3 things, got lucky and had trap jaws spawn off of trap jaws until they evolved. Even then, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that that would happen

Edit: currently, the fasted possible evolve is probably right around 1 min with very lucky trapjaw spawns and probably t1 and t2 hungers.


Yeah there some cry babies out there who are horrible in playing.
If they lose they cry a lot calling you hacker hacker hacker.

One example, SEA region player named…Not Pro Ben, his name is “gg nice hack bro!!” something like that now.

If you’re in a good team and he can’t do a thing, he will call everyone of you hacker. But if you have a bad team mates who sucks really bad, he will call all of you a crying losers or something like that and something like he is beyond everyone of you. You don’t even have to say anything after the match, he will automatically call you loser, noob and every crybabies know this days. :joy::joy::joy: since the time we rekt his ass wide open with my semi-perma premade team several times, he avoids us every time he is queued with us.