I give up monster, it's just too hard


I suck so bad.


Hmm… well what do you need help with? I’m sure @Wednesday13, @deanimate and @Quirkly could help you out. They’re some good goliaths I know. and @MrTalha has some knowledge. :smiley:


Tell me what troubles you, my child.


I think @deanimate can give you a hand on this one considering how good he is with goliath.

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Getting harpooned in the back by griffin over and over and generally just escaping the hunters or even getting one down.


If Griffin’s got you down, then get him down! Homie has like, no self sustain, and is COMPLETELY reliant on a defensive support or single-target medic to keep him alive.

Goliath has the fastest climb speed of any monster, so definitely use that to your advantage. You can also use Leap Smash like a second traversal, and Charge can carry you a great distance.

Remember that your Rock Throw and Leap Smash are your two most powerful abilities. You definitely wanna make sure you’re landing them. After you slam the chosen Hunter, leap in for the kill.


If you have time, join my stream at some point. I had a blast over the last 2 days with lots of people saying they learned something just by watching. Some people even ask specific questions how to deal with it and some people said, that they started to gain a 5+ streak. If your problem is “just” Griffin, turn around, destroy the harpoon and break line of sight, if you need more and you don’t get the answer in time, I’ll be online again in roughly 12hours from now for atleast 10h

just drop by, relax, say hi, ask questions. I have so many people in there, that can help nearly everyone with a specific problem for pub related stuff


There are people on twitch that stream that could help you out.


MaddCow streams and is a good monster player.

Also I stream and main Goliath if you’re interested in that too.


In-combat, what is your main problem? Landing hits or punching through the hunter’s defenses like shields and healing?
What are your preffered skills?


Thanks for the tips everyone, I think that I just need to hit my abilities better or something, I’ll keep trying.


Same I’ve been trying to figure out how to play monster for days but I always get completely rekt. My major problems are that I can’t gauge the hunters’ position on the map and can’t out traverse them, hen resulting in an extremely malnourished Goliath/Meteor Goliath. I tend get caught very early on when I barely have half my energy gauge and forced to take HP damage in the first dome. I just have no idea what to do once I get planet scanned. Do I run away further? What if I am already at the end of the map away from the hunters’ spawn? I can’t go further right? Do I then turn to one of the sides and thus close my distance to the hunters? I’ve tried the “leave false tracks and sneak in the opposite direction” strat but sadly it does not work because the trappers always follow my tracks to my general area before turning on the planet tracker, then have 4 people close in on me from all sides. Sneaking reduces my move speed such that I’ll eventually get domed by 1 of the 4 encirclers cause I can’t move fast enough.

In battle I always aim the medic first as advised but always end up having the medic lead me around in circles while the other 3 completely decimates my armor and health. When I finally grow tired of being kited by the medic and turn around on the damage dealers, my damage simply get healed out by the now-safe medic. That is usually when the first dome ends.

Once I leave the first dome (sometimes getting a strike or two by luck), I don’t get any chance to feed extensively anymore because the hunters are hot on my heels by then (even if I got the lucky strikes). I leap around the map in panic as I am being chased and eventually run into one of the hunters who then domes me again and usually the game is over by then. Even if I do escape, I usually run out of dome 2 with 1 or 2 bars of HP left, which does not help at all as the hunters simply catch up to me and kill me on the go just keep up and dome me the third time which inevitably spells my doom.

I really appreciate all of you old players suggesting to learn from your streams, but I can’t find any links on your profile pages at all. Would appreciate it if you guys could provide us with a link for watching your streams.


This is a more accurate description of my original post, and I’m glad that I was not the only crappy monster with nope hope of downing any hunter.


change to meteor golaith, problem solved


protip: to stop griffin from harpooning use flame attacks on him, while he’s on fire his harpoon will break instantly

lol this is a bug but hf


@ToiletWraith you forgot to mention me.


Here, thats under one of my YT video from my Streams. “Thank you so much, after only watching your stream today, i feel as though i have learned so much about how to play evolve and how to be a better monster. i will be sure to follow you for more teachings and maybe one day i will be able to reach the surface of your superior plays.”

Drop by if you need help and check out other streamers and YT videos


We got alot of good goliath players around here… check their links/stream.

This is not uncommon.

Ive noticed some common problems for new monster players, its their own FEAR.
Fear of being chased, domed, they always end up with a hunter no matter how far they run.


What’s your YT username sir? I searched for Wednesday13 but couldn’t find it.


I’m live on twitch now, doing my Meteor Goliath Challenges


Man my monster skills are just terrible every monster I play now has less than a 20% win rate and I never win against a team that is even slightly good, I think I am giving up being monster because there is no hope of wining a match against good players ever.