I get FPS lag although I surpass recommended settings by far



Hello, I am fairly new to these forums, so I hope I don’t put it in the wrong category.

I just downloaded this game 1 week ago, it is absolutely amazing, but there’s 1 thing that’s been bugging me. I cannot run on any higher than medium settings although, I surpass the recommended settings by far.

Intel Core i5-4460 3.20GHz
Nvidia GTX 960.

My friend has a way worse system than mine, and he runs on “high” settings. Is there any reason for this ? Have I messed up in game a setting by accident or something ?


What is your driver version?
My younger brother which uses my old GTX960 is playing the game fine with everything maxed out.


It’s 355.82


Where did you get those numbers? XD
The latest driver version is 372.54
try downloading the latest driver in geforce.com


I said 355.82, i’ll download latest and see if it fixes


you typed 10...* something earlier
but yeah try updating driver


When updating the Driver, does the old one get uninstalled automatically ?


yeah just click on manual and then check the clean install


Alright, so, it helped alot, but when I do “very high” settings it reaches max 55 FPS and avarage of 50. Never 60. Is that with your brother’s too ?


Try turning off Vsync, hmmm but I don’t know maybe because I overclocked my brother’s gpu it runs from 55-75ish fps.


With what program did you overclock it, and to what did you boost the Core Clock / Memory clock ? when I overclock mine I don’t really see much difference other than 2-3FPS


MSI afterburner,
+0.100v powerlimit to 108%
+175 Core Clock
+450 Memory Clock
for me this is kind of mild overclock
my temp doesn’t go up to 60degrees which makes gpu fan stay 0rpm


I am experiencing the same. Sometimes the game drops down to 30-50 frames for a minute. It’s really weird.

They added so many new animations but I don’t think they had time to look at the game’s performance yet. I think they said after August they have time to look at that.


If I overclock it that much my game crashes, I just tried it :-/ idk why.


The problem that I have isn’t FPS drops, it is just not the FPS I should be getting with my system.


10 charrrrrrrrs


This is MSI GTX960 4G gaming, try googling your gpu name and find the suitable stable overclock if you want, be sure your power supply can handle overclocking.


Yeah, I have same one but the 2G version


Try lowering the shadow and use fxaa only or better yet turn off AA


Meh, guess i’ll just stick with “high” settings since I don’t want to have anything below 60 FPS.

Thanks for the help.