I freaking hate the wraith


Are you sure?


You dare calling other peoples comments aggressive after making an OP like that?

And yes, I do face good Wraiths. But we’ve learned how to properly counter any Wraith, you know, by actually playing versus Wraiths and not leaving…


And you have plenty of time in raging on a forum without giving another point than your classement…

And when someone doesn’t agree with you, you dont even care of what he said. So dont be surprise…

I let your throne now that i know that you quit the majority of your games. Good job, must be proud !


I don’t always leave, I have fought plenty of wraiths. They are boring, imbalanced, and nobody likes playing against them.


I do. They put up a fair challenge untill we catch them xD


You like chasing them for 25 minutes? Because a good wraith can warp 3 times out of a dome instantly.


Is there not a separate thread for wraith discussions?


LOL. Erm his place in the scoring DOES mean he has some kind of skill. Please quit with the “because because doesn’t mean you are good”. Getting sick of everyone using this term in gaming. At least he is better then you I assume.



unless we have some kind of skill-evaluating system, leaderboard rank only represents time invested into the game, he could have more losses than wins for all we know, and still be in the top 100.
does it mean he has some sort of experience ? yes
does it mean hes good ? we dont know


I completely and utterly disagree but that’s where these opinions stop there, or it will go in constant circles. Just know I am on the completely opposite side of the fence :wink:


The average Wraith match only takes about 10 minutes for us…

It’s completely your own fault if you let her escape that much and extend the game to 25 minutes


Well I think I have about a 2.75 win loss ratio. So that must count for something right. You can check, my name is the same in game. Im so glad you get wraiths that ‘allow’ you to trap them. I wish my games were that simple.


Also I don’t know if you payed any attention to this thread, The Wraith Topic
But the “Overpowered” Section has over 1060 replies.
Balanced “165”
Underpowered “3” LOL


please elaborate ? im geniunely curious how you can assume that
gametime = good player

as of right now, the only thing the leaderboards gets his “ranking” from is amount of games won
yes, it shows your losses and gametime etc, but the deciding factor is amount of wins.
NOT W/L-Ratio
NOT wins/time
NOT a combination of any multitude of factors

now if I sit here since release playing all day, ill obviously win a lot and thus be on a high rank.
or I can be a very good player, play only a few matches a day and win them all, yet be on a lower rank
im not saying the OP is good, or bad
Im saying we dont know because there is no indication in the game that tells us


I’m bored of this discussion already. This isn’t some kind of conspiracy. Get over it.


Lol my ass.


im not trying to discuss things, im just curious as to why you would think that. im not trying to convice you my opinion is right or why you should think the way I think

evading having to formulate your own opinion doesnt really make it seem like youre very convinced of it…


I’m nearly lvl 40 so all monsterts I face are close to that level.
You just rather complain about a problem than try & face it


In my opinion, Wraith honestly is not overpowered at all. Yes it’s fast, yes it’s quiet, and yes it’s hard to track, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. The Wraith is supposed to be like a rogue. If you make it slower, that defeats the purpose of the whole sneak element. I understand why some people are upset about the triple dash warp blast to dodge a dome, but keep in mind if you just toss a dome out, hoping to trap any monster, it probably won’t work out. If you pin the wraith down with harpoons or slow it down, then pop the dome, the chances of the wraith escaping with the “combo” lowers. Everybody keeps begging for a nerf, but really, I don’t think that is the answer. I, being primarily a monster player (I main Kraken, not Wraith) have some issues with several things about the hunters, but I know it’s just part of the game so I deal with it. Wraith being super fast, sneaky, and hard to track is part of how the character is supposed to be. And honestly, tracking a Wraith is not the hardest thing, just split up and think, “where would I go if I was the Wraith?” Go in groups of 2, and I promise you will find the Wraith MUCH more often! I have had many games with Wraith where it’s been EXTREMELY close on both ends. I’ve beaten the Wraith as a hunter, and hunters as a Wraith, I do not believe the Wraith, or anything else that COULD be nerfed is so overpowered it makes the game unenjoyable. Yes, it’s annoying for me when Lazarus revives multiple teammates from the dead, so to fix that I just focus Lazarus in fights. When I am a hunter, it’s annoying when the Wraith supernovas and focuses me, shredding most of my health, but it’s equally as annoying when a Kraken player lands a direct lightning storm on me (which does the same amount of damage), or a Goliath player smacking me directly with a rock throw. There are several “issues” in this game that may or may not be changed or nerfed. I will not be super upset if the Wraith gets nerfed, I will still play it. I just hope that if the Wraith is nerfed, other things are changed as well. Keep in mind this is still a relatively new game, so many changes will be happening over the next few weeks/months. Have a great day and happy hunting!


I’ve just beaten nr 1 Wraith on leaderboards twice, but only recorded 2nd game tho.

And just like ‘King’, he is also a loss-dodger (even tho he did stick around for his first loss)