I freaking hate the wraith


I leave games when I see wraith.
I bash players for playing wraith.
I hate spawning into a game with wraith.
I hate seeing the wraiths stupid face.
I hate when you throw a dome and the wraith warps 150 meters out of the area.
I hate when wraith decoys and then super novas, and the decoy has super nova.
I hate that the wraith can warp straight up into the air just as high as a kraken.
I hate chasing the wraith around for 25 minutes and never catching it.
I hate when join the game and see its wraith, and I have to leave because its the wraith.
I hate losing to a wraith because the wraith is imbalanced.
I hate the wraith can stealth.

I will list more later, this is just stuff off the top of my head.


The Wraith hates you too.


the wraith in this game is the xenomorph to aliens 2, just sit in a corner next time and chant “game over man, game over”


yep i know the “i hate to see the wraith face” especially when he fails his abduct and stops 1 cm infront of my face and all i wanna do is to show him the finger


Wraith is the easiest to kill once you caught up with her, you just have to know what you’re doing and play with a competent team




im a wraith main OP

i feast on your salt


I am currently ranked 298 in the world, some of my friends I play with are even higher. I played through alpha and beta. I know what im talking about.


I win :smiley:


-shakes fist- ill get you


XD You probably already did if you play Wraith.


Any gamer that equates time played with skill or knowledge is sadly mistaken and usually completely garbage.


You know what you’re talking about, yet you’re still making ‘hate’-posts about the Wraith instead of learning how to properly counter it.
I haven’t lost to a Wraith in days. Yes, she’s annoying to deal with but really not that big of a deal


i think it was more of a quick jab at him having 1 more hour played moreso than anything


You haven’t played against a good monster then.
Point is its still not fun even against bad players when you have to chase them for 25 minutes until they get to stage 3.


Generally I make pretty well written, thought out threads. But I don’t think the wraith deserves one.


Because you’ve played alpha/beta and have a “place” in the scoring doesn’t mean you’re good in a so young game.

Leave all the games with wraith as you said, but dont shout on it if you dont make any effort to get better against this. People who stayed get better against difficulties. Some had post videos of that.

When gamers in Evolve, in majority, will understand the power of teamplaying, there’ll be so less wins for the Wraith.

Being angry is a thing, shouting for nothing and showing arrogance and laziness in thinking about strategy is an other point =)


I’m guessing you don’t actually play the game as much as you talk on the forums about how people should play the game.


Nah, i dont have all your free time for that my prince :wink:

Have a good day.


But you have the time to sit here and reply to threads in an aggressive way to the OP? I think the thread, (as poorly written as it is) Would have been much better without your response at all.


Wraith will be nerfed soon. Decoy Damage will be reduced and jukes will get a higher delay between uses anbd(or their distance traveled reduced. There you have it fixed, and now stop whining.