I found the Hack that folks are using!


So it took a little digging through the web but i think i found the Hack that people have been encountering and others using. A friend of mine suggested that i post this in the hope that the Devs see it. To regular forum viewers please do not download it

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Please don’t post links to hacks on the forum. You can PM information like this to @LadieAuPair and @MrStrategio. I’ll bump up your member status so you’ll be able to to do so!


Secondly, welcome to the forum! This topic gives a nice in and out to navigating.


And @Rotiart. Right?


You’re no dev!


Don’t give me away!


yeah he is shaddup


What kind of price were they trying to charge for it?


In the future, here is how to report not just a hacker, but also any sites/people selling these hacks.

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