I found an old Hunter concept I made (Assault, Andreas)


Whipped this bad boy up after Kala came out but it never saw the light of day. Thought it was kind of funny, lol.


Difficulty: Challenging

Background: Andreas was an Ebonstar soldier whom attempted to help the Hunter team do battle with the monsters. When a Gorgon got the best of Kala, Andreas saved her life by rushing in and taking the full brunt of the beating. Mortally wounded, Kala knew she needed to act fast.

With Andreas barely being kept alive by a small generyst reserve, Kala was forced to concoct a new “Monster HNA Serum” using samples from a Behemoth and the recently killed Gorgon to attempt to save his life. Unsure if it would work, it was all left up to fate.

The serum worked, and Andreas was made into a Monster-Man hybrid like Kala. Unlike Kala, however, the transformation was much more unstable, making him nearly more monster than man. Seeing her creation, hearing his voice mutilated and transformed, and witnessing his abilities, Kala wondered; was the ability to live really worth this?

IG Description: Andreas can be described as a man of few words, but a monster of plenty. Boasting the ability to swap between his Behemoth and Gorgon forms, Andreas is capable of dealing devastating health damage with his Fissure Whip, and causing major harm to the monsters armor with his Caustic Bombs. Andreas is a great addition to the Hunter team (so long as he doesn’t try butchering them first).

##Behemoth Form Abilities

Y: Fissure Whip: Andreas right hand forms into a spiked ball of smoldering rock, and, connected to his Gorgon-like tendons, he can swing it into the monster. This adds burn DOT and can do significant health damage, but low armor damage.

Fissure Whip Stats
• Deals 330 health damage per swing
• Deals 50 armor damage per swing
• Swing arc of 180 degrees
• Reaches 20 meters at max distance
• Cool down of 1 second

LB: Swap Form: Andreas glows with a vibrant green light and let’s out a shrill, chilling screech as he enters his Gorgon Form.

Swap Form Stats
• Cool down of 7 seconds

B: Pillar Leap: Andreas uses his mastery over the Behemoth’s geomancy to create a pillar beneath him that launches him into the air, with the pillar disintegrating into flames soon after.

Pillar Leap Stats
• Launches Andreas approximately 18 meters in the air
• Deals 100 damage if it makes contact with an enemy
• Cool down of 15 seconds

Passive: Behemoth Skin: When in Behemoth form, Andreas takes slightly less damage from any burns he may obtain in the battlefield.

Passive Stats
• Takes 5% less damage from burn DOT

##Gorgon Form Abilities

Y: Caustic Bomb: Andreas forms a Behemoth Lava Bomb-like object in his left hand that oozes with Gorgon acid. Andreas can launch this sticky projectile which does major DOT to the monster’s armor. Whatever it sticks to, it stays on for a limited amount of time, dealing anti-armor DOT in it’s area.

Caustic Bomb Stats
• Sticks to targets for 7 seconds
• Travels at 20 meters per second
• Maximum range of 160 meters
• Bubble radius of 30 meters
• Anti-armor DOT: 70 dmg per second on armor
• Anti-armor DOT: 5 dmg per second on health
• Does NOT stack
• DOT from Caustic Bombs stack with DOT from Afterimage
• Cooldown of 3 seconds

LB: Swap Form: Andreas glows with a brilliant orange light and let’s out a thunderous, earth shattering roar as he enters his Behemoth form.

Swap Form Stats
• Cool down of 7 seconds

B: Afterimage: Andreas leaps far backwards, leaving a glowing Mimic of himself. If the Mimic is attacked, it will burst and leave an anti-armor effect to anything hit.

Afterimage Stats
• Propels Andreas 15 meters backwards
• Explosion deals 75 direct damage
• Anti-Armor DOT lasts for 10 seconds
• DOT from Afterimage stacks with DOT from Caustic Bombs
• Cool down of 15 seconds

Passive: Gorgon Flesh: While in Gorgon Form, Andreas takes slightly less damage from poison DOT and all other forms of Gorgon DOT.

Passive Stats
• Takes 5% less damage from acid DOT
• Takes 5% less damage from poison DOT
• Takes 5% less damage from Mimic DOT


Like the idea although it reminds me of a few MOBA characters (e.g. hel from Smite)
Also I like the idea that some weapons deal more damage to armor maybe this could even be made to a perk which has higher % dmg increase but only on armor


SMITE is the only MOBA I’ve ever played (albeit rarely) and I’ve never even seen Hel in game. That’s the chick who has like, two forms, right? I remember seeing her in the character select.


I would love to illustrating him for you


Would you like me to message you with his details? After posting this and thinking about it, I might be willing to go somewhere with his concept. After reading it again, it doesn’t sound too farfetched.


Uh, I think Caira would say that is "Unethical"
Sounds like a cool idea though.
Is he the Ebonstar soldier from Evacuation?


I have drop ship conversations in my notes where Caira’s basically like, “Kala, fuck dammit, I just started liking you and then you pull this shit”. I wrote a bunch actually. I could post them if you guys would like.

Also, I’m not entirely sure. I made him like, monthssssss ago. I could probably write up some lore for him, since I kind of want to continue making him.


took me longer than I’d care to admit to realize you were using platform specific control input to explain what to press to use an ability.

And dear lord man. An ability that does 330 damage per second with a range, that coversa 180 degree arc, at rangers further than hydes flame thrower or lennoxs plasma lance?


I’m pretty sure Lennox’s plasma lance covers 25 meters, no?

And remember… it’s an OLD concept.

Edit: Also, yeah, the bindings are XBone controller specific.


Yes I would


Less than half that.

Doesn’t mean I won’t tease ya for the logic behind it :wink: even when you could have come up with this, those numbers would be silly lol

Will totally tease you for this too :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh. Well I think the original idea was to make it reach just a tad further than a Plasma Lance. This was also back when Lennox could do like, 400 damage per shot with an even shorter cooldown, so you gotta cut me SOME slack.


Alrighty, will do some mock ups to show you where certain tidbits are. Will also pull some images online of characters from media and games that look similar.


Awesome thanks for the opportunity to do this btw I’ve been dying for inspiration to draw again


Fwiw Lennys plasma lance has always had a cooldown of 1.2 seconds on a hit, 20% slower. Shes only “fast” if she hits the air, but on actually hitting something she has a recovery animation which slows her down.

She also had to ramp it up from 100 damage. Lenny could land 20 hits, back to back, with no disruption in her combo

And still do less damage over the same time frame. lol

(Edit: Itd take lennox over a minute of straight combos to break this guys dps)

No slack for you!

Ok. Maybe a little.


Alright, alright, I’ll admit that it isn’t very well thought out, but it’s gonna get worked on so shhhhhhhhh


@Rapterror shes the devil of norse hell more or less. Normally depicted (except in marvel comic) with one half of her body being a beautiful maiden’s with the other half of her body being rotting flesh


Well, I gathered as much, what with her name literally being Hel, lol.

However, after looking up her abilities, I don’t particularly see any correlation between the two aside from their obvious form switching capabilities.


do it do it do it please dear lord do it


again do it. give into the creation feels