I found a hacker please help me



Hello! Well yesterday i was playing and i found a hacker that literally burned my health in like 5 seconds 2 times, fortunately i’ve recorded it.
So i recorded 3 matches with him, in two of those three matches i was a monster and literally he just killed me in an instant.
After all this i sent a tweet to TRS and 2K.
Only 2K answered. So they sent me a link where i just needed to put some information, like problem, description, steam id, annyways.
After 2 hours they sent me an e-mail where they wanted me to explain the whole problem again and it seems that the video it wasnt enough, even when i’ve recorded his steam profile and his steam id (And i think you just need to record that).
So my problem is that 2K support didn’t even check the video, because they asked me to give them the Stem ID and then the profile link of steam, so i think both of them are the same…
He told me “thanks for the Steam ID, now i need the profile link of steam” and he sent me “instructions” of how i can get that “profile link”.
That instructions were:

  1. When you are in the game, press scape to open the pause menu.
  2. Then, go to player options, pass on top of the badge of the playerand then select "Go to steam profile"
    3.- Copy and paste the link in some palce where you can see it when you are not playing.

So this instructions guide me to the same link i just sent a momet ago, so i told them "Hey this is the same link i just sent a moment ago, i think Steam ID and Steam link profile are the same, so i dont know which link you are asking for"
And they didnt replied the e-mail…
This guy that was hacking still hacking… and it seems like 2K its not going to do anything about it…
I need help please.
Im going to leave the video here if someome would like to watch it, in the description i just writed the time where he hacks. Hipe someone can help…


If you found a hacker, you take it to the message and tag these wonderful people @LadieAuPair @happybirthdaymary and @MrStrategio the forum does not allow name shaming


Sorry but. what do you mean, do you want me to send them a message or tag them on this post?


You send them a message. You also can tag different people in one message, so you can tag them next time. Though I’m sure they would read this thread once they get to it since I tag them.


Thank you so much, now i need to figure out how to send messages lol.


If you click your profile, there should be a message icon there or “new message.” Or you can click the profile of the person you would like to send the message to. I’m on mobile so I can’t really help you with screenshot. :sweat_smile:


i mean, this dude has proof. its clearly visable here. i dont think its name shaming at all.


Ok ok i got it, really thank you so much :smiley:


Well im from LAN and i didn´t understand that thing about “name shaming” but now i think i get it lol


a think this hacker deserve to be named, he is a disgrace to the game


yeah, i mean, it really shouldnt be done. Mostly because if it turns out to be untrue, that player gets a bad rep. But this is blatant and theres some very nice video evidence. I personally dont see a problem, but its not up to me in the long run.


I thinl that too… but i dont know the rules of the forums… so idont know what to do :confused:


Leave it. Apparently “name shaming” only extends to posting pics/vids of people’s games with their names visible and then badmouthing them or something. Posting a video as proof of hacking isn’t the same.