I found a bug in the AI


While playing the other day I noticed a problem with Lazarus’ AI. When he is being focused he will use his cloak as he should but while cloaked the bot just continues to shoot causing him to not be cloaked anymore and the monster never loses track of him at all and he just dies rather quickly because of it. This kind of makes lazarus’ cloak kinda useless when he is a bot. This has actually cost me a few games because he dies so easily. I thought you guys should know it is doing this. Hope it is and easy fix. @MacMan @Shaners


That awkward moment when someone talks about the under-performance of a bot costing him the match


Lol well in solo bots matter :sweat_smile:


im sorry but the bots are known to make borderline insane decisions sometimes. Like a assault bit chasein get a monster instead of reviving his downed medic.


Well there is a pretty small majority of people that play SOLO solo, so it may take awhi


Laz is hands down the worst bot because of this. Most support bots will save their cloak for downs, but Im sure they would likely do the same thing.


I understand not everyone plays solo that much but still when a bot makes one of his own abilities totally useless by being stupid then I think the AI should be tweaked to fix it. I would be happy if he just didn’t shoot for the entire duration of his cloak when the monster is still right in his face.


I have had a bot lazarus stand next to me when i was down and he shot every hostile wildlife near him and died instead of reviving me


Why didnt you hotswap?


Because it was an idle person so it was taken over by bot. you can’t swap onto an idle person


I had thought about hotswap aswell but it was really to late by that point. At the same time what is the point of taking a Laz bot on your team in solo if you did not intend to play has him that match if you have to control him almost the whole time just to keep him alive.


Don’t take a laz bot in solo, ever. Unless you plan to hotswap to him. It instantly runs for the revive and shoots while cloaked, which is the worst thing a Lazarus player can do.


I understand that the bots make really dumb decisions a lot, and as someone who plays solo more than online I am willing to live with that, but a bot making one of his abilities totally worthless especially something as important as the cloak for laz then I see that as a problem. It is just like right after launch when the abe bot would refuse to dart the wild life at all. It really limited his usefulness as a bot. Just as I am doing now I reported that bug to @MacMan and they fixed it. Even though the online part of the game is their focus I still think they care if about their bots if it is really a problem.


This is very true but I would still like to see his performance as a bot if he would just cloak properly.


Well if this type of situation was reported before, then there will probably be a fix in the up coming TU. Other wise, you may be waiting a bit. I mean you could just change the bot if there is something wrong with Lazarus…


Dont get me wrong I’m not trying to bitch and moan about bot Laz, just trying to report something I noticed that I feel is detrimental to the game that I dont believe was intended so that if the devs agree that it is something of a problem it can be fixed. In the mean time I’m sure I will switch the bot medic from laz or commit to hotswaping to him as I have always done. I’m sure I will be waiting for sometime for them to change it with everything else that is going on and that is fine, but they cant fix it if they dont know about it and that is why I’m here. One can dream I guess…


If they really improved the bots I would probably only play solo. A few of the most important tuings are making the hunters better at hunting and dodging, and make all bots act more like regular people. Also, it would be great if the monster didnt exclusively target the medic at all times, and if the Goliath bot wasnt so ridiculously good in combat.


From what I can tell they do a decent enough job at finding and trapping me as the monster these days, although if I really want to avoid them I can pretty easily, but I agree I do wish they would try to dodge alittle better. Most of the time they just stand still trying to shoot me instead of dodging or running. I completely agree about the medic targeting and goliath though. Doesn’t matter if assault is literally melting his face off, he only has eyes for the medic. Solo isn’t too bad all in all. Beats playing with the randoms I’ve met on steam recently.


Yeah, I really want to play solo more, but there are just so many problems. The only way I can really enjoy it is if I play arena or if I play as the monster.


Heh he is God against a sunny. If your drone is out he pretty much ignored all else. Although most times he lobs a rock perfectly in the middle of combat to destroy it.