I Found a Behemoth Leaderboard Cheater on Ps4


He just try 2 win whit a Phase 1 Behemoth if he lose the half of his health he Ragequit & search a New lobby just 2 get Rank 1 fast it sucks 4 me & other ppl who has spend a lot of time 2 get a high rank & just play 4 fun. I Hv spend 59h 2 be Rank 2 in my Region whit 238 wins he has 235 in just 21h nobody can do this fair 5h ago he was rank 9 whit 170 wins he blocked me because i called him a cheate


I believe disconnecting currently counts as a loss.


You can’t post usernames, it’s againts the forum’s rules and quitting equals 1 lose


put it this way, loading screens are like 3-4 min sometimes 5 or 6 lol soo he yeah >.>


I know but it still sucks that he rank up so fast this isnt fair 4 ppl who spend a lot of time. If its really against the rules how we can report Cheater then ? Sry im New in the forum ^^


It’s ok, if you edit that ID out, then leaders or mods won’t bother you, but I believe that if you think you have founded a cheater, then you should PM the devs or just simply report what the cheater did and btw welcome to the forums :bucket_cute:


@RobertOfPotatoland I think you can edit the title again


I think there’s a report function. Somewhere, on some website. 2k ticket? I dunno.


Got it. Was just marking it for the mods in case it didn’t get changed. Thanks for the notice.


Here yah go OP.

Use this website to report a possible cheater.



But seriously it counts as a loss for leaving


It counting as a loss only impacts your wlr. Your placement on the board is primarily determined by the amount of wins you have.