I find my lack of resume skills disturbing


So I want to apply for a job, but I am terrible when it comes to making a resume. :persevere:
What do I do?


Step 1: Have Swag
Step 2: Get job
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Win life


If only It were that easy.
but there is no area to input swag instead of a Resume.
:persevere: So frustrating.


Lol I wish i could help but sadly I don’t know a ton.
Ill find you a blank thingymajig, thatll help


Here, use dis http://how-to-write-a-resume.org/resume_builder.htm
I used this to write a fake one for a class once


Ok anything that can help :slight_smile:


Look for online templates to have the base model of how your resume will look like. Then, think of all the major positives or personal achievements that brought you to where you are today, specifically things that would make you stand out from others. Help a company bolster it’s sale xxx% with an intuitive model plan? Include that and make a rendition of it on your personality traits, eg: "My ability to process and crunch numbers really shows in stress situations, like when insert professional experience here.

Remember make that resume shine so brightly, they’d be an idiot not take you, but don’t fluff it too much, otherwise you come off as arrogant or over boisterous.


Thanks :smile:
Gotta say though hardest part is recommendations


Thanks :3
Hopefully I can put my hard work into one of my lifes passions.
Instead of changing trashcans :confused:


Surely you must’ve done a favour for SOMEONE. In this time and life, networking is your best ally. Hard workers who are head over heels determined to succeed only get so far. But helping a bosses daughter with a certain thing for example or getting them a coffee while your on your break, makes getting that promotion or step up in your career ladder is SO MUCH EASIER.


What kind of a job are you applying for, mate?


Associate live producer :smirk:



Shhhhhhhh! :wink:


That answer was 4 things:






Efficient, you mean. :wink:


Lazy people are the most efficient
My bosses at work love me.


Efficient my ass, im a lazyness expert, and i can recognize the lazyness in that answer.


Efficiency is just intelligent laziness.


Any tips on my resume?