I FINALLY Have Every Character (Hunter/Monster) Elite!


So. Uhh…

Now what?


Now you get to go MM, set your role preference to “No preference” and enjoy this game. :slight_smile: Have fun, mate.


Well, Monster is rarely ever fun, in my opinion.

And Skirmish is just a big no-no, with the headache that is uncommunicative (while being capable) randoms.

Maybe just Solo or grinding Co-Op Extraction in the hopes that people choose Bucket.
But it looks like no one is aware of the challenge…


Yeah, and combined with the Xbox live issues…I doubt we’ll make it. But with a single friend, Shin, and forty minutes, we added 151k damage to the challenge. I think we have a chance. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on Xbox. I am not aware of any issues…I’ve been playing for hours.


According to one of the devs on the main thread Live glitched and none of today’s damage counted. Can check it here:


I say this all the time
but i cant help it
Get bugs first only on xbox one!


Oh. Goddamnit.


Here’s the actual quote. Xbox xore services were down for some people, not all, sorry. So that does affect the count, but your damage still goes towards the challenge. But I know quite a few peeps couldn’t play due to this.


Xbox is back up and running so we should be in the clear. It just cost us 6 hours or so


I was thinking about this and 200 million actually doesn’t seem like a lot. I have only been able to play a few games but I was able to get support each time and I was getting anywhere between 15-20k a match. one game of defend I got 32k (I don’t know if minions count but a lot was too the monster as well) so about every hour that puts me in about 100 thousand and if everybody else is keeping up with me as I assume I am in the average there, 10 people make a million an hour.

I could be over-estimating but I really don’t think so.


if 35 thousand people played bucket for half an hour wed break the 350 mill right this second. It really isnt that much, the problem? People are convinced they will lose and dont want to bother. Bucket requires unique play, most people dont want to break their comfort zone.


Well for one, the damage you see at the end of a round isn’t damage vs. the Monster, it’s damage vs. all sources; damage against wildlife and things doesn’t count towards the challenge. And for two, there’s not nearly that number of people playing (PC numbers hover between 1-2k usually, but have been dipping into the ~500 range lately), so even if all that damage did count it would still take a long time. (I’m not gonna get into how sad I am that the pricing model sabotaged this really good game, but…) In general they usually pick the numbers so that they’re well within reach of a slightly above average playerbase, counting on all things being equal and slightly more people than usual playing during weekend events - but that’s not happening so far, and not all things were equal on the first day. Numbers should start picking up a bit as we get into the weekend, but the early progress has not been a good sign for completing the 350M+ goal. Most people I saw playing were using Bucket.


A five minute round can have bucket dish around 4k just to the monster. I said a half hour of play because we need 10k dmg per player for 35 thousand players.

As for Pc. Yall have a bad player base for any game not f2p or umpteenth game in the series because of access to an absurd number of games. One console is still supporting 30_50 thousand players at peak times. So with ps4 and Xbox one there’s still quite a bit of life. Consoles currently only have access to 50 good games or so, so player base isn’t the issue.

It really is just convincing people to play bucket on console. Also take into account MKX just hit shelves so we’re gonna see a few less players than normal.


Every character elite? Including behemoth and the 4th tier hunters!? Well I applaud you for your effort sir.


I wasn’t trying to argue about PC playerbase, just stating a fact. There are about a million PC games. Farming Simulator 2015 has more active players. Everyone I knew who didn’t play said they couldn’t justify paying the price of a full game for another multiplayer-only game (after Titanfall) with a F2P DLC model and content DLC that costs 2/3rd the price of the game, and I don’t blame them (they don’t play the BF sequels or CoD or any of that crap either). Console players might have to take whatever they can get, but PC players don’t.


And I agree. My copy was a birthday present and I absolutely love the game after investing time into it. Honestly evolve and pc don’t mix, the dlc structure is harsh, on the bright side… When it goes down in price they can justify it then. Steam is famous for its dirt cheap sales isn’t it?


Yeah, and that’s part of why PC gamers expect more reasonable prices. There was a Steam sale on all 2K games but it was like a week of 20 or 30% off then everything went back to full price, and 2K actually held back a bunch of DLC skins so they wouldn’t be released at sale price (which should give you an indication of why their pricing model doesn’t jibe with the current market). The game itself, however, is basically designed with PC players in mind and it’s a much better experience on mouse & keyboard. If 2K cared about saving the playerbase they had and still have plenty of opportunities to offer reasonably priced content or support free content (instead of forcing timed exclusivity for more cash).


Well, Congratulations on that mate! You have those 10% bonuses tho Kappa :heart_eyes:


Once I got everything elite I focused on getting better at just about everything but a bit more on the things I’m not good at as well as my favorites. I also stopped stressing about my role and characters.