I finally got my vengance!


Man, if you could imagine how much I am happy to beat down this damn russian player. Each time I was fighting against him, he was playing with his friends (as I figured out today) and each time I was playing against him, I lost. I lost against him around 8 or 9 times, but today I finally beat the crap out of his ass! Currently, I’m still chaking myself because I finally got my vengance.

I explain myself, usually I take Goliath, Kraken or Behemoth as a monster. Instead, I took Wraith, 2 points in WB, 1 in Decoy and the speed buff. On the 2nd stage, I took 2 points in SN and 1 in WB. On the 3rd, I completed the 3 abilities.
The chosen hunters were Slim, Hank, Griffin and Lennox and when I saw that the medic was Slim, I was half feeling like I was in the stew and half eased. Half like in the stew because of how much I hate fighting against him and half eased because I chose the Wraith.

The game started, I ate the corpses near the relay, I went to the South, the hunters already found me.
I got domed but I just lost a fifth of health bar and I ran to the end of the river (North East).
I got domed again because the hunters were GOD DAMN camping the wall for reasons I cannot explain, and this time I had 1 and a fifth of health bar.
I ran away in every directions possible, I evolved and get domed again.
I ran away when the dome was down and went back to end at the albinos Tyrant’s lake.
I kill the Tyrant and use the decoy because Lennox found me, I succesfully eat the entire Tyrant and hide behind the rocks up next to the lake.
I hide for a looong time without beeing spoted, the health buff restored my 3 entire health bars and end up, I eat the Albinos big thingy (I don’t know how to translate its name from french to english) to get the 15% damages bonus, I see Griffin comming and…

At the exact moment I pounced him, he deployed the dome and the entire team came very very quickly.
I succesfully sent a strike to Slim after Hank’s shield was out of capacity and finished him, I finished everybody except Lennox, I evolved and went to the relay.
When the relay was about to explode, Lennox came out and shot me, I pounced her and finished her but the team was deployed.
I ran toward them and attacked Hank, but when I realised that he was deploying the orbital strike on himself, I ran away and at the exact moment, the dome was deployed…unsuccesfully.
I was out of the dome, but the trapper didn’t wanted to drop the dome, this gave me the advantage to finish the relay wich was a little bit cut by the dome.

And that’s it, I won the game! YIPPEE KA-YAY!
This time, I will never fight against him ever because of how hard he is to beat and the number of time he humiliated me.

And if you wonder who is the player I hated and fought against, it was Ba*****ka.


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