I finally got it ( Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth )


After 1 day training, many time and a lot of Pizza i finally got my wonderful Childhood Beasty O.O
The final form is my fav. Digimon all time ^^ my real fav Digimon isnt a real Digimon its just a bad programm so it didnt count xD ( Mother D-Reaper of Digimon Tamers )

( would be a great Evolve Monster lol )

i dont know if any1 here of this beauty Evolve Community play this game too but i hope so ^^


I’m probably going to avoid this game for as long as I can. Will play through the other Vita games releasing this year (obs includes the Ateliers) before i get to it.

The nostalgia will hit me too hard, need to prepare myself.


Lucemon? Like…Lucifer?


yeah its based on Lucifer xD


My sister has taught me well


I really want to get this game, but I also really don’t have the money to spend on it. T_T


Had this game, sold this game.


You know, as someone who only had a passing interesting in Digimon back when it was actually on western TV, I;ve actually found myself enjoying this game. Only at Chapter 11, or so, myself. Since I’ve spent far too much time grinding, but I have been enjoying myself.