I finally got all elite hunters and monsters!


It was a grind but i finally got all the hunters and monsters elite. The hunters were much harder since u kinda have to have a good team but it was fun. Monsters were easy they had lots of grind mastery’s but i like playing monster so it didn’t really bother me. Now i just need to kill a monster when im the last hunter alive and ill get the platinum trophy (PS4). If anyone needs tips on some of the hunters i got a few.



I have all Val, Laz, Caira, Bucket, Cabot, Griffin, Abe, Goliath and Wraith. Working on Kraken, Slim, Hank and Maggie.


Cool for kraken its a real grind the 360 mid air is annoying. For maggie u could play hunts solo when u dome the monster hotswap to medic and let some hunters die let daisy revive that hunter then just do this one more time and you’ll get 1 towards ur goal. Hank is very situational with his orbitals and slim u just have to play rescue and let survivors die and then revive them. Also i heard that u can spore wildlife and then revive a hunter and it still counts towards ur mastery. My tips are for stage 3 masteries but i could give u stage 2 masteries if u need them


I’m still doing Tier 2 Banshee Mines. >.> Nearly done though, I need literally three more damage or something.


Gooood boy, goood boy!


It’s only 275 now. They dropped it.